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5 Powerful Tips to Write More Engaging Content

5 Powerful Tips to Write More Engaging Content

Running a blog can be challenging to say the least.

You’re expected to write on a regular basis, and not only that but you’re also expected to produce amazing, high-quality content.

Of course, not everyone is born a writer, and developing good blogging skills takes time and energy.

When starting out, no-one is an expert at writing, but over time, you improve and start writing more quality blog posts that effectively grasp your audience’s attention and gets them engaged in your copy.

But what is is the make a great blog post.. well, great? And what is the recipe for creating amazing blog posts every time?

In this article, we share 5 tips to write more engaging content that keeps your audience glued to your post, and makes them enticed to read more.

But before we dig into how you can write engaging content, make sure that you start with the basics. Writing is hard. It’s both time-consuming and difficult to become a good writer. It takes hundreds of thousands, even millions of words to become a good writer. But the catch is that writing good content is not only about sitting down, jotting down a few words on a blank page and then celebrating a great piece of content.

I wish it was that easy.

1. Write on a regular basis

First off, writing takes discipline. Since you don’t become a good writer overnight, you need to make it a habit to write on a regular basis. There really are no major shortcuts than simply writing so get started now.

2. Remove distractions and work in an optimal environment

This is actually more important than most people think. First off, let’s start with the surroundings you’re writing in. Is the room quiet? Can you focus? Do you have good lighting? A comfortable chair and table? All of these things are extremely important for writing good content and staying focused.

Then you want to have a computer that has a screen that is comfortable to look at, and you need to have a keyboard that is comfortable to write on. It is also important that you make it a habit to clean your keyboard on a regular basis to remove bacteria and grime and dirt.

Read this article to learn how to do just that:

1.Use ”you” and ”I”

There’s a huge difference between texts and texts and articles and articles.

What does this mean?

It means that a blog post is far from the same thing from a scientific report, and all type of texts have their purpose.

A blog post, on the other hand, is meant to be engaging, captivating, and interesting enough to keep people reading.

As such, you want to write blog posts with ”you” and ”I” since this helps make the blog post into a conversation between the writer and the reader.

By using you and I, you can better build a relationship between you and your readers, and make them more engaged in coming back. In other words, it creates loyalty. But most importantly, it makes your blog posts more interesting.

2.Split your text

This is a crucial step that shouldn’t be neglected.

Your article shouldn’t be made up of a wall of text, because well.., no-one wants to read it.

If you come across an article that looks like a wall of text, do you feel engaged to start reading? Hardly, right?

A wall of text makes it difficult to extract key information by simply skimming the post, and it also makes it more difficult to digest.

Split blog post

At the same time, there’s also a greater risk that you’ll lose your readers since they’ll sit there reading and reading, and feeling like they are getting nowhere.

As such, you need to make sure that you split your blog posts and do it well.

Here are the most common elements that will help make your blog post look more engaging and inviting:

  • Use short paragraphs
  • Use bullet points
  • Use numbered points
  • Include visuals (humans are visual creatures after all)
  • Use subheadings.

3.Write about own experiences

While this isn’t possible all the time, it’s an incredibly effective strategy for writing engaging content.

I have, for example, written more than 1 thousand blog posts, and what I have found is that by writing about my own experiences, it becomes much more fun to write, but also, my articles become much more interesting and engaging.


Because I use the principle of storytelling to captivate my audience’s interest.

See how I just used my own experience to captivate your interest?

Facts and tips are a commodity which can be found anywhere on the web, but it is your personal experiences that make you and your blog unique, so make sure you leverage it.

After all, thee tips listed here are not some tips that I have Googled and gaunt, but instead, they’re tips that I’ve found to be crucial for writing engaging blog posts after having written more than 1000 of them.

4.Write about something you’re passionate about

Similar to writing about your own experiences, make sure that you write about things you’re passionate about.

When you write something you’re passionate about, it will tell in the text. Your blog post will become much more engaging and interesting, whereas if you write about things you don’t care about, your text will become stale and boring.

5.Read other blogs

Execution is the key to improving as a blogger, but you also want to read other blogs in your industry.

Doing this has many benefits, but most importantly is that it will help improve your writing, and overall make you a better writer.

By reading other people’s texts, you can get a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t, but also how you can format your blog posts for the absolute best results. Make it a habit to read some of the blogs within your industry at least two times a week. Doing so also helps you stay up-to-date with any industry events.

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