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Mobile Marketing Trends in 2020: Must-Know Tips

The rapid development of technology creates a solid ground for innovations and regularly changes the way we do things. It eventually changes our lifestyles and preferences, creating newer trends in every aspect of life ever so often.

Mobile marketing is not an exception. Marketers must follow the trends in their expertise in order not to waste their efforts and reach the highest efficiency. For now, mobile marketing—developing along with mobile devices—moves towards AI, AR, voice search optimization, and so on.

So far these are coming to the stage and being integrated into mobile marketing gradually. They still need some time to be applied to their highest potential. Therefore, they are not included in the trends of 2020.

Today mobile marketers rely on channels that have proved to be effective through years such as search engine optimization, social media, emails and etc. Here are five tips for going with mobile marketing trends in 2020.

Tip 1: Put More Effort in Content

Most people are on their phones approximately three hours a day. Mobile marketers must take advantage of this and try to engage their potential clients. Content is the right tool for this, mostly because of its multifunctionality.

It gives unlimited space for getting creative, experimenting or even enhancing the existing marketing campaigns and ideas. It can highlight the company’s brand image and increase trust among its customers.

The content for mobile marketing is more demanding since it has to be optimized for mobile devices. This means that everything needs to be smaller and shorter in size for reaching maximum load speed efficiency.

Keep in mind that the users have so much time on their hands before they run out of patience and close your webpage. Therefore, mobile optimization needs to be one of your top priorities for mobile content marketing. Also, you can rely on content marketing apps to make the process easier and more effective for you.

Written Content

Start with optimizing the written content on your website. This is critical for two purposes. First, it is part of on-page SEO, which affects your ranking on search engines. Second, the text is one of the most powerful components of content marketing, therefore, you must ensure it has the right quality.


If you have a text component on your website, a smart tip is to divide it into small paragraphs to make it more concise. Most of your website visitors won’t read the whole thing anyway, but rather will quickly skim through the passages. This is why it is essential to use bold headings and subheadings to grab their attention more efficiently.

Besides highlighting important passages, it is also important to understand how users scan written content on a website. Luckily, you don’t need to do thorough research to find that out. You can use the eyeball tracking study of Nielsen Norman Group to understand how people view text components. Typically the reading patterns are similar to this.

  1. Eyes analyze the content from left to right
  2. Then turn back on the upper left corner of the page, then analyze downwards
  3. Finally, they go to the upper part again and start analyzing from left to right, meantime going down the page

To understand the pattern visually, check the image below.

Once you comprehend how this scheme works, you can target your texts accordingly and get much better results.

Visual Components

Visual components of the website also need to be optimized to save some precious loading seconds. As compared to text components, visuals are much easier to deal with. They don’t require any specific organizational changes.

If you use images for content marketing, all you need is to crop and compress them. It takes most of its size, which decreases the website’s load speed. In the case of videos, you can cut unnecessary parts from videos to make them lighter. However, this doesn’t imply that you need to cram all the information in half a minute either. Ideally, you can put a YouTube URL instead of uploading longer videos.

Regarding the type of video content, now DIY and how-to type of tutorials are the most engaging forms of content. They can help companies emphasize their professionalism by showing their skills to the audience. However, they need to be short and catchy for the same reason. The viewer doesn’t want to spend too much time watching them.

Tip 2: Boost Your Search Engine Marketing

When looking for a product or service, everyone does a quick search in one of the search engines first. It is easy, fast, accessible anytime and most of the time gives them detailed information about what they need.

Since search engines are one of the most popular sources of information now, appearing on the first page is crucial for you. Remember that most of the people don’t go further than the first page of search results.

Even when you are on the first page, you still need to work on keeping your place there. This is where written content can give you a hand once more.

Written content provides a large room for manipulating keywords to appear among the first search results. Using the right keywords here is the key to a well-optimized search engine. This requires systematic hard work for a long time, but it can boost your sales to an extensive degree.

In addition to this, consider enhancing your voice search as well. With the advancement of mobile devices, voice search assistants grow more popular. In fact, it is estimated that over 50% of all search queries in 2020 will be through voice assistants. So, if you haven’t already started working on it, you better start. It is much different than the text search and requires tons of separate work.

Tip 3: Trust Social Media Messaging Apps More

There has always been a belief that social media networking apps are more effective for marketing than messengers. Perhaps there was a time that this was true. However, statistics show that social media messengers bring more clients and leads than the actual social media platforms.

In fact, the top four social media messengers (Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat and Viber) have more monthly visitors than the top four social media apps (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+). Even though social media networking apps have fewer daily visitors, their ads typically cost a lot more than those of messaging apps.

The reason for this decline could have been easily predicted. During the last couple of years, people started to use social media platforms for communication more than for any other reason. Messengers themselves are enough for that communication; they are more private and convenient for the users. Therefore, people gradually step away from social media networking apps, thus decreasing their efficiency in terms of marketing.

Tip 4: Don’t Forget the Good Old Email Marketing

Email Marketing has been around for a long time. It has worked its way to be one of the most cost-efficient channels of mobile marketing. Although text message marketing ensures much higher open rates than email marketing, the cost and personalization options of emails easily make up for it.

Sometimes newer mobile marketing channels make email marketing seem old-fashioned and ineffective. However, the fact is that email marketing is still a competent marketing channel with one of the highest ROI. According to a Litmus survey, the average ratio for email marketing ROI is 38:1.

The old times when people used to open emails only on their computers are long gone. Everyone has email applications on their mobile devices now, which only increases its practicality as a marketing channel. This is why mobile marketers can target their audience through emails.

Besides this, emails are more customizable, which comes in quite handy for personalizing messages for each group of clients. In today’s world, where advertising in every industry has tremendously high competition, personalization is the key to stand out.

Tip 5: Use Influencers to Get Referrals

Influencers shape opinions among their audiences. Using them is a wise way of generating leads and attracting new customers in the business. If your company can’t afford a celebrity to work with, you still have some other options. Finding an influencer to cooperate with isn’t that hard today.

Social media platforms have created a space for millions of people to become popular influencers: in other words, bloggers. Most of them have audiences that can reach up to a couple of million people. Those people believe, or at least respect the influencer’s opinion firsthand.

Some influencers may review your product, which will add more credibility to it. Some may just endorse your product or tell their audience about it. Either way, it is an effective channel for enlarging the client base and generating leads.

It is also trendy now to use a promo code to give a certain discount for each influencer’s audience. This can increase the chances of turning the leads in the audience to actual clients.

Final Thoughts

Currently, everything is centralized in mobile devices and there is a huge tendency of adjusting everything for them. This inclination is logical, considering that people can keep their photos, wallets, notes and even car keys on their cellphones. Hence, everything and everyone needs to go with the development flow of mobile devices.

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