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Top Reasons Why Videos Fail to Perform

Do you agree that Video Marketing dominates today?

If No, then certainly these below-mentioned stats will make you do so, have a look:

  • 87% of the marketers who have a strong presence online use video marketing as one of their most robust marketing strategies to exceed(it was 63% in 2017 and 81% in 2018).
  • Videos have a significant influence on decision-makers, where 90% of the customers believe in the same.
  • People(more than 60%) are more likely to buy online products by watching a video rather than any promotional content.
  • 500 million people watch Facebook videos every day where on Snapchat, the count is 10 billion.
  • One minute of video content equals 1.8 million words‘, estimation done by James McQuivey (a professionalist and a digital marketing expert).

With these effective and well-researched reports, business owners cannot resist to forging an actionable video marketing plan, which is a proven way to hike conversions and boost organic traffic. One can achieve success by relying on an explainer video software, whiteboard animation software, animated video tool, and many others which brings desired and expected results.

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Nevertheless, there are always chances where a marketer can unknowingly miss some of the significant traits to add in a video which makes it perform low and unexpectedly. Down below, I bring some of the causes which pull back a visual to achieve its overall business goal.

Take a rundown and get familiar with some loopholes to remove if your video possesses any among them.

# Your Video Possesses a Long Length

“An average Video is capable of retaining 37% of viewers to watch it till the end!”

If the talk is about YouTube, some people will enjoy seeing prolonged videos; nevertheless, it’s not the choice of the maximum proportion of the populace. Your target audience won’t invest their valuable time in a video that is going to eat their day.

Regardless of the video matter, content, value, and creativity, if the retention rate of your video drops off dramatically merely due to the video length, then it implies that you need to focus on determining the ideal length of the video which covers everything with the time limit.

Thus, shorten up your videos, and put the engaging element in the start to front-load value. Add up a mystery, but get curiosity out soon to stick the maximum eyeballs.

# Your Visual added Monotony

With so many efforts made over designing, scripting, budgeting, animating, and more, can you afford to miss the creativity factor?

It’s not less than a hard nut to crack when you out to find out whether the target audience will find your videos interesting or not. Moreover, creativity seems smooth on the eyes, but it becomes hard on the implementation.

Your video lacked the uniqueness factor; it didn’t add a tinge of fascination, your subject matter couldn’t make it up to connect with the heart, your emotions seemed artificial, all these accounts to make a video boring, thus, receiving the unwanted reaction.

So work hard to eliminate the loopholes and research well to ensure what excites the customers, which urges them to take action.

How to decide the right video format

# The Video was Solely Entertaining

Indeed, entertainment is a crucial factor a video must imbibe in itself. But keeping a video’s sole motive to be entertaining and fun would neither sound better nor would it derive results.

If after seeing a video, you laughed your head off and at last thought “who was that for actually?” then that video or advertisement lost its worth by putting all the time, efforts, and resources at the waste.

All the elementary components must be added to a visual which must indirectly or inversely drive viewers towards the goal of marketing; if not, your video will just entertain the masses without spreading the business message.

# Video was not Optimized Well for SEO

Search Engine Optimization takes a great place while lifting and indexing your video to rank high on the search engines and attain visibility.

I will simply jot down what all things you neglect to make a video highly optimized for search engines:

  • Inappropriate Video Hosting Platform
  • Absence of video transcript
  • Uninteresting Thumbnail Images
  • Not promoted well on Social networks
  • Non-Engaging Video Title and Description 
  • Not Focused on Mobile Optimization 

These are the reasons which a video lacks to be highlighted and gain popularity. Therefore, take your video editing aspects seriously and forge a valuable visual which is better optimized from an SEO point of view as well as different hosting platforms.

# The Video had Poor Call-to-Action

A business campaign, run through a video that possesses any purpose whether to capture email addresses or get the feedback, or sell products must include a clear CTA.

If your video is unable to urge the viewers to take any action, then it would again lose its value and purpose with further missing to achieve the business objectives. Furthermore, your video doesn’t showcase any output as you placed the CTA at the end.

Research says, 44% of the viewers abandon the video within the 60s or before 30s. So, why wait till the end when no one is retained to see your call to action? It is recommended to keep it at the beginning in a way that indirectly and convincingly tells the viewer exactly what to do next.

# The Video was Irrelevant 

Relevancy matters a lot in all the aspects of doing business. Can you succeed in your attempts when you are doing something else and portraying something different?

Your say must align well with the doing, and the same must be portrayed in the video form in an effective way. Your video fails to perform when you try to do everything for everyone, and if you try to cover all the majors to satisfy every user’s need, you’ll probably end up confusing all.

So, break the content into multiple targeted videos and fulfill your intent, acquiring the wished outcomes out of your video advertising.

The Last Say

To progress with visual data and insights, record a video that connects, adds value, is authentic and real, promotes while spreading awareness, and is not solely focused on generating revenue or surging sales. 

Do you think that creating a marketing video requires a lot of things to be done?

Well, it is true!!

You not only have to come up with an effective strategy, create a concise and engaging story, and promote the same in the best possible way but also take into consideration the time and investment involved in carrying out all these activities.

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