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How to Create Your Own Online Quizzes to Generate Leads

Most successful business owners start their business with the creation of an ideal-customer profile for their sales models. These business owners often have their marketing and sales departments work in close sync with each other to use quiz makers. 

The quizzes allow these teams to capture the contact details of their prospects. By capturing the contact details and creating an ideal customer profile, business owners can target the right individuals for their sales and marketing campaigns. There are two great methods of gathering leads or integrating a lead form in a poll created with a poll maker, and integrating a lead form in a quiz created with a quiz maker. In this article, we’ll focus on quizzes, as they let you qualify the lead better with multiple questions.

How to Create Your Own Online Quizzes to Generate Leads

Benefits of Creating an Online Quiz

Here are some key benefits associated with the creation of an online quiz. 

  • Generate High-Quality Leads: An online quiz can help you capture the contact details of the right prospects with minimal effort. Prospects who are interested in your product/service will readily provide their contact details on the quiz page. You can give these contact details to your sales team as hot leads to help them close quickly. You can also use online survey maker tools to collect more details of your prospects/customers easily.  
  • Segment Leads in the Right Manner: Lead segmentation is a big part of the marketing cycle. It is an extremely important practice especially in cases where the company is offering more than one product/service. You can create multiple quizzes or add a question in the quiz that you are creating to identify the interests of your prospect. With the quiz, you will be able to identify that the prospect is interested in product/service X and not in Y. You can also segment the leads further based on their geo-location, age, gender, etc. by asking them questions on the quiz.  
  • Attract More Customers: Quizzes can help you increase the overall engagement statistics on your website. They will help you keep the prospects on your website for a longer period. This directly correlates to increased sales. If you have a great website and marketing campaign design, your online business will boost directly with increased prospect retention. People who spend more time on your website will more likely purchase your product/service compared to the ones who visit it only for a few seconds. 
  • Drive Actions of Prospects

Creating a powerful CTA (Call-To-Action) line is an important component of the success of a quiz campaign. You can easily drive the prospects’ decisions to purchase your product/service in a short period with a powerful CTA.

Marketers usually create two different types of quizzes that help them get the attention of potential customers. With the help of our quiz maker, you can create the most popular types of quizzes include a Trivia Quiz and a Personality Quiz.

Fundamentals of a Trivia Quiz 

Trivia quizzes are like mini online challenges. They are extremely viral and can help you capture the attention of a huge customer base within a few days. Trivia quizzes are not specifically designed to capture lead details. In fact, they are more in-line with marketing strategies that help you generate the demand for your product/service. 

How to Create Your Own Online Quizzes to Generate Leads

Let’s take a small example here. Let’s say that you are selling DVDs for the popular sitcom shows FRIENDS. Now, you can create a trivia quiz for people who are interested in the TV show to identify potential prospects. A quiz with the title ‘How Well Do You Know Your FRIENDS?’ or ‘Who is Your Favourite FRIEND?’ will help you target the emotional triggers of people who love the sitcom show. Make your content as viral as possible and dive down into the details of the product/service that you are selling to capture good details on the quiz campaign. 

Fundamentals of a Personality Quiz

A personality quiz is more in-line with the sales strategies since they directly identify the purchase-intent of the prospects. These quizzes can help you identify the likes and dislikes of the prospects in depth. They can also help generate leads very generically so that you can use the details for more than just your service/product. Studies show that over 77% of the total quizzes created by few quiz makers that go viral are personality quizzes. 

The personality quiz focuses on the traits of the prospect rather than the product/service that you are trying to sell. A quiz with the title, ‘Are You a Sales Guy or a Marketing Guy?’ is an example of a personality quiz. The kind of details that you can gather from your quiz depends solely on the quality of questions that you post in it. 

How to Create Your Own Online Quizzes to Generate Leads

Tips on Creating the Perfect Quiz for Lead Generation

Here are a few tips on how to create the perfect quiz for lead generation.

  • Make it Interactive 

An interactive quiz where the prospect can choose the answers to the questions on the web form itself is simple. On the other hand, asking the prospect to memorize the answers is not a good practice. 

  • Keep the Results for the End

To make sure that your prospects attend the full quiz, keep the results of the quiz at the end. This practice will keep them motivated to attend the full quiz.

  • Keep it Short 

Keep the quiz as short as possible. Do not ask more than 25 questions in a single quiz. Also, keep every question short (single line) so that the prospects have no trouble attending a longer quiz. Short Buzzfeed quizzes often get millions of views and go viral overnight. 

Do not showcase the results of your quiz as pass or fail. Instead, showcase it as something that you can leverage. You must display quantifiable results at the end of a competitive quiz in a subtle manner to make sure that you do not offend a prospect. In a trivia quiz if a prospect answers a question wrong, make sure that you showcase the right answer. You can increase the informational aspects of the content this way. On the other hand, you can add subtle aspects of promotional content to sell your product/service.  

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