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How to Get Your Writers to Deliver Effective Digital Marketing Content?

Written content is one of the most essential tools for any marketing company. It helps to boost search engine optimization, website ranking, lead generation, increase traffic, and several other factors. Recently, Google has started placing a lot of emphasis on the quality and language of the content as parameters for SEO.

Well-written content also improves the readability of a website and enhances visitor engagement. Therefore, getting high-quality content from the writers is imperative to the success of any professional digital marketing agency. These are some of the parameters that can help your writers produce effective content that can make your enterprise successful.


Search engines like Google place a lot of emphasis on the originality of the content these days. They are always updating their algorithms to enhance a user’s experience from the searches. One of the updates implemented by Google penalizes any article that may be plagiarized.

Several high-ranking websites got affected by these updates because their digital marketing strategy included repetitive use of plagiarized content. Google also emphasizes the use of original ideas for digital marketing content. So make sure that your content writers provide fresh information that does not seem to be stolen from another article. 


You must ask your writers to think from a reader’s perspective and judge how useful the content would be for them. One of the SEO parameters is the amount of time that a viewer spends on the website. Therefore digital marketing agencies must focus on publishing content that can engage the user.

One of the simplest ways to achieve that is to create actionable content that tells the person about utilizing something in a better way. You can advise your writers that instead of directing people about what to do, they can present the actions as tips or suggestions. Or you can ask your writers to gather some ideas from non-fiction about how to create actionable content. 

Provide Answers

Search engines are directed at providing answers to queries. So when your writers are creating content for digital marketing, they can aim at providing answers to questions that may be posed by people on the subject.

Google understands that people need quick answers to their questions, so they feature snippets of websites that match the best for every query. So if your writers can present the best possible answers in the content, the website can outrank the number one position on a search. 


You must be aware that people suggest others not to trust everything that they read on the internet and social media. The reason is that not everything published on the internet is accurate. If your agency provides incorrect information to your client that gets published on their website or social media pages, it can damage your and your client’s brand’s reputation. 

Therefore, you can advise your writers to cross-check the accuracy of any information before they include it in the content. These are some ways to ensure the accuracy of any information before publishing it.

  • You can ask your writers to cross-check the accuracy of statistical data from an official website before adding them to the content.
  • Your writers can provide supporting links to any data that may seem controversial.
  • Advise your writers that providing links to other official sources can add to the authenticity of the content. 


As we have mentioned before, providing engaging content is beneficial for the digital marketing strategy in several ways. You can give your writers the following suggestions to ensure that they create engaging content. 

  • The content can stimulate the reader to formulate questions while he or she goes through the article. It will also encourage the viewer to find ways of implementing the tips or suggestions that the writer has suggested.
  • The introduction of an article is one of the most powerful ways to hook the reader and increase engagement. Well written introductions can be useful as snippets for PPC advertisements. 
  • Your writers can incorporate a story in their article that can increase the engagement of the viewers. People love reading stories, especially the ones that are woven around their topic of interest. 
  • Your writers can use controversial topics in intelligent ways for social media marketing. These topics not only increase content engagement but are also effective in enhancing brand awareness.

Content writing is an ongoing activity for digital marketing. However, writers often need proper directions to create the right type of content that can be used for digital and social media marketing.

Your content team can utilize the suggestions mentioned above to create content that can rank high on search engines, create engagement, and generate leads for the business. You can also advise your writers to use more images and videos to make the articles more engaging for the readers.

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