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Digital Marketing Industry Continues to Boom

Digital Marketing Industry Continues to Boom

With nearly 55% of the world’s total population now active online and 1.92 billion people expected to use their internet connection to purchase something in 2019, the growth of the digital marketing sector doesn’t look set to slow down any time soon. Furthermore, the flexible nature and increasing demand of the industry continues to render it a smart career choice. Whether it’s a business built around social media engagement, an agency specializing in online ad spaces, or anything in between, a career in the digital marketing industry is undoubtedly fertile with a number of attractive benefits.

Advantage of the Digital Sales Gap

Though global societies have become ever increasingly connected through the world wide web and the youngest members of the adult population have never known a world without the internet, there is a shortage of workers in digital marketing. Studies show that 44% of companies are looking for online marketing professionals, but demand is greater than supply. Pursuing in a career as a digital marketer means entering a job field with plenty of choices and a high chance of success.

Generous Earning Potential

With high demand comes potential for high value salaries, meaning digital marketers can make more than enough to provide for the present and the future from a relatively early stage in their career. In an industry expected to be worth an estimated $120 billion by 2021, prospective incomes aren’t set to decrease any time soon. This coupled with the ever increasing global online population choosing to buy online, or whose spending habits are influenced by online media, makes digital marketing a stable as well as high value source of income.

The flexibility of the Market

The vast volume of variety in internet traffic means that the digital marketing sector is incredibly diverse in and of itself. There are numerous career paths available, from copywriting and content creation to search engine marketing and analytics. Moreover, the ever evolving nature of the internet and the modern job market in general means that there are options for any working preferences. Working in the digital marketing industry allows you to work for global corporations to family-owned businesses, as a work-from-where-you-are freelancer or a permanent member of staff in an office. That digital marketing continues to be a booming career path is in no small part due to the sheer flexibility of the market.

The continued growth and global engagement with online marketing ensure that the demand for digital marketers won’t slow down any time soon. The advantages of the gap between supply and demand in this sector, its potential for earnings, and excellent flexibility means that entering this sector remains a smart career choice.

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