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Common LMS PPC Mistakes That Are Costing You Leads!

Along with a number of LMS marketing methods these days, PPC is one of the most popular and fruitful options. You pay. Get users to your landing page. Convert. Bingo! Money-money everywhere.

Well, only if it were all that easy.

PPC takes less than a second to read and a half-life to master. While you might be thinking that you’ve set your campaign right, the results might take your breath away (like, literally).

And then as money is on stake, it’d hurt more.

So, what to do? What’s your best bet? Stay with me here. I’m talking about some of the most common LMS PPC mistakes that would be costing you leads.

Common LMS PPC Mistakes that are pulling you down!

While LMS PPC campaigns can be really fruitful, a bunch of mistakes can always pull you down. To keep you safe from those, here’s a list of the most common LMS PPC mistakes.

1. Blurry Focus

Any PPC campaign in the world works on the basis of targeting and buyer intent.

You know your audience. You know the right buyer intent keywords. You know other demographics and then you move ahead with your PPC campaign.

But what if you misjudge your audience or its behavior?

It can result in you throwing out money for nothing. Totally not what you’d want. But what to do?

Understand the right intent and focus on catering to that.

Most LMS vendors market the software as one to improve the productivity of low performers or better the productivity of top performers. Turns out, this needs a fix.

Promoting your LMS specifically for improving the productivity of top or low performers won’t get you far. Most organizations move smoothly with the help of average performers while top performers boost the processes better.

So, better design your LMS PPC campaign for improving productivity of employees on all levels and you’ll see things work better for you.

Also, don’t forget to track employee performance from time to time. It’ll help you improvise.

2. Weak content

While there used to be times when anything on the web with a few keywords could lift your “fine” piece of content, the definitions and standards have changed now.

Now is the time when every single platform, including the biggest search engines and the biggest PPC networks, weed out clickbait and promote content that’s real and sensible. Your best bet? Create content that’s “real and sensible”.

While you create content for enhancing your LMS PPC campaign, keep the following tips in mind.


  • Be clear with words. Basically, don’t beat too much around the bush. We can’t afford to confuse the users.
  • Be concise. The ability to shower more information in fewer words is always valued. By the readers and by the algorithms as well.
  • Be compelling. Because obviously, that’s what we are here for, i.e., compelling the users.


3. The wrong images

Images really affect the performance of any PPC campaign. While the right images will boost quality results, the wrong images will just eat up on your pocket.

So, focus on using the right images. Take this Dutch house selling firm for example.

This is the screenshot of their first landing page. There’s nothing wrong with it. Everything seems fine. The form looks short. Content seems concise and clear and it was even functioning well. But they wanted it better. So, they started with A/B testing and came up with this.

Now, when you look closely, you’ll see a change. The image is different.

While the image in the first LP had a girl quoting ‘Need help?’, the new LP’s image had a guy nailing a sign-board saying ‘Sold’ over the one saying ‘For sale’.

This small (yet thought-through) change brought in a conversion rate hike of 89%.

Now you see how it works?

It’s just as easy as it gets. Know your audience. Create a great content marketing campaign and. Invest in the right places and of course, use the right images.

Tip: You can also offer a demo of your LMS to promote users to buy the full version.

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