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Effective Marketing Online as a Lawyer

Online marketing

It is not as easy to do business nowadays as it was in the past; this world of abundance we are living in has accentuated the need for marketing to unprecedented extents.  Businesses that were once before considered to be more on the serious side like clinics and law offices are now realizing how they need to rely on modern-day marketing tools to be able to thrive and succeed. Especially for lawyers, word of mouth and handing out business cards are not the most effective ways to market their services in the digital age.

With people relying on Google to guide them towards the best lawyer to handle specific cases, lawyers rightly shifted their focus towards online marketing. While some find it easy to stay relatable and reach their target clients, others who run smaller practices and do not have a dedicated marketer can find it difficult to navigate the vast world of online marketing.

If you belong to the latter group and could use some help, read on to find out how to effectively market your practice online.

Create Great Content

Creating meaningful content that your target audience would deem interesting is crucial to increasing traffic to your website. Do not just cram your website pages with redundant information that no one would be compelled to read or share. Instead, you should discuss different topics that are relevant to your line of practice from new and fresh perspectives.

You can also interview subject matter experts who can add more value to your content. For instance, if you are a lawyer specialized in pedestrian accidents in Texas, you can do an interview with an official representative from the Texas Department of Transportation or even the Mayor of Texas about the top 5 deadliest roads, which your audience will surely see as a worthwhile read. Research has shown that the one thing that the most successful businesses that market online has in common is, by far, great content. The more relevant and rich your content is, the more clients you can attract, and eventually, the more business you will get. 

Understand All About Search Engine Optimization

You want your practice to appear at the top of the search result page when your potential clients are looking up the kind of services that you provide. The higher your website’s ranking is, the better chances you will have of acquiring new clients. Identifying the keywords that your target clients commonly use requires tons of market research. However, once you uncover your target clients’ search behavior, it will be relatively easy to incorporate these findings to perfect your search engine optimization strategy. 

Focus on Your Website User Experience

Law-related content can be confusing to the average person. However, you can use your website interface to make your content more accessible to a wider audience. Being a service-providing business means that your clients should be your main focus. You need to provide your potential customers with unique user experience when they visit your website. Work with professional website developers to build a website that is user-friendly and reflects the kind of image you wish to be associated with. Customize the website interface as much as possible, and simplify the navigation process so that your potential clients can easily find their way through your website, and be more encouraged to browse through the different legal topics.

Since most people nowadays use their smartphones for internet browsing, make sure your website is compatible with mobile devices. This way, your client can have the same positive experience regardless of the device she/he is using. 

Use Client Testimonials

Online client testimonials and reviews are the virtual equivalents of traditional word-of-mouth marketing. When people are shopping online for any products, they prefer to go for the ones with the best reviews. The same goes for service-providing businesses. Displaying authentic testimonials from satisfied clients legitimizes your business and makes it seem more reliable. These testimonials will also earn you tons of visits from potential clients.

Legal cases are usually very personal and people like to work with lawyers who they judge as trustworthy and will be on their side to fight for them. So, be as transparent as possible when sharing your past triumphs, and understand that potential clients could wish to verify these testimonials and can reach out to your previous clients. 

Just like any business, lawyers operate to generate profit. However, due to the sensitivity of their profession, lawyers cannot use cheap marketing gimmicks to gain new clients. Trust is the key between a lawyer and their clients, so make sure that this remains at the core of your marketing efforts. Show your potential clients your capabilities without forsaking your integrity as a professional lawyer. 

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