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5 Clever Ways to Market Your Travel and Culture Brand

Global travel and culture is big business – but not every firm in this financial ecosystem has billion pound budgets. 

In fact, every Virgin, BA and Sandals is supported, complemented and challenged by thousands of smaller businesses which play vital roles in offering modern travellers and cultural tourists the types of deep and diverse experiences they demand. 

If you’re carving a foothold in the latter category, you might not have a massive budget to let as many potential costumers as possible know how outstanding your offering is, so you’ll need to think of novel methods to spread the word while getting maximum bang for your buck.

With that in mind, here are five clever ways to market your travel and culture brand.

Niche activities

Sometimes developing a niche is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition. 

For instance, Scotland is a popular tourist destination, but sometimes combining travel with a hobby is a winning formula. So booking a specialist tour with a firm like Scotia Fishing means you might fall for Caledonia hook, line and sinker and be more likely to rebook next year once you know it’s a sweet spot for activities as well as scenery.

Cultural trips

There’s something unique about every nation, but what real travel adventurers often yearn for are unique and authentic experiences which allow them to connect with locals, see sites and taste foods that they might not find in package hotel resorts. 

So for instance,  companies like fill in this gap by offering tailor-made tours that allow travellers to get up close and personal with the living history of one of the world’s most fascinating places.

Culture clash vlogs

Travellers are often interested in migrating to new countries long-term or permanently as well as taking short trips. 

So if you’ve moved abroad, you could connect with an audience by thinking outside the box and creating a culture clash vlog like The Dealveau’s – this French-Jamaican family have built an online presence by sharing their fascinating life experiences in each other’s countries. 

Luxe holidays

If you’re thinking of creating a unique travel agency, perhaps you can cater to clients who appreciate the finer things in life?

For example, a luxury holidaymaker like Scott Dunn has built an enviable reputation by providing tailor-made vacation packages to dream destinations like Tahiti, Madagascar, St Lucia and the Seychelles. With the right connections, this type of business can be very lucrative.

Highlighting amenities

When your operational location isn’t as well-known as that of larger competitors, you’ll need to find other angles to attract potential customers. 

For instance, although the area around Mackay, Australia, boasts stunning scenery, it’s less well known that say, Sydney. So you might struggle to make the case that it should be anyone’s first stop, but by reminding them that they can find Mackay Airport parking with, you could convince them it’s a convenient and well-connected base for a few months during their gap year. 

That’s our list! Share your own travel marketing tips in the comments section.

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