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1 Page Funnel – What Is It, Why Does It Work, and How to Start Using It

There are different tools available now that can help you attain your goal if you are maintaining an online business. It can direct page visitations into real customers thus increasing sales. One of these key strategies for your online platform is the use of a funnel scheme.  More specifically, the one-page funnel can help build and establish the goal of any business. This has been instrumental in the success of many businesses online especially. Learning more about this strategy can benefit your business in the long run. 

What Is It

The basic foundation of the one-page funnel is a structure that can be plotted in the shape of a funnel. If you already own a page, you would know that not all page visitations are beneficial. Most of these are just like passers-by with no intention to engage in the page, let alone make a purchase. The aim of a one-page funnel is to transform most of these page visits into real customers by following a funnel-like process that starts with awareness and consequently ends in action. 

Awareness is done by introducing a product to raise awareness. It should be attractive that it can cause a person to engage more. As your customer goes to another page, their interest in the product can be built by giving them an overview of the choices and benefits to ignite their curiosity.

When their interest is built, a desire is piqued to eliminate any traces of hesitation because they will be faced with some form of offers and perks. Ultimately, these processes will add up and convince a person to take action towards the end goal which is to purchase or make a deal. Traditionally, companies make this in a series of pages and processes, but as the name one-page funnel suggests, it can reduce all of these in one single page.

Why Does It Work

There certainly are questions surrounding the effectiveness of one-page funnel in converting non-engaging nonprofitable traffic into a profitable one. Surely, the funnel scheme itself is useful due to its widespread use in the world of sales marketing but this still entails multiple processes that are drastically simplified in the one-page funnel system for the sake of better readability and engagement. In the online world, simpler is better because it is brief, straight to the point, and convenient to get to the end goal faster. It uses professionally made templates that integrate the funnel system which you can definitely customize. This will enable your business to accomplish your goal using only a few steps.

The first step in doing this is to find a website where you can shop for digital marketing professionals that will help you get started. Choose a site that has a page with updated pricing and features as seen on SamCart, a shopping cart for digital marketing professionals, so you can get a general idea when it comes to the budget you need and what this service can cost you. When you have chosen one you want to work with, you can already choose a template or structure for your webpage and you would just have to run this on your website and incorporate the products you have and wait for the traffic to come.

How to Start Using It

The components of the one-page funnel start with the creation of a strong and engaging headline. Your goal is to make an awareness so it should be compelling while being simple. Then you work on a Video Sales Letter which pretty much discusses what your business is all about. This should be educational and entertaining in order to keep the attention of your visitor. 

You would also need to provide proof of customer satisfaction by putting a customer testimonials feature. This can do a lot of wonders as it can incite trust and credibility on your website.

Before you can close a deal or convince your customer to make a purchase, you have to give a bold guarantee to make them feel like they have a choice on what happens thereafter. Lastly, you provide a call to action button which is a checkout that signals that a deal or purchase has been made. This is the end goal that will truly make one page funnel a success. 

The best way to know the advantages of using a one-page funnel is to experience it yourself. The integration of this scheme on your website can help you grow your business by helping you with your end goal. It is an efficient, simple, and faster way to convert site visitors into real customers.

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