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How to Combine Study and Work

Today, it is normal to combine work and school for different reasons. You could be advancing your academic knowledge or want to make some money while still in college. Buy custom essay online instead of spending all your time in the library while you could be earning money.

The challenge of combining work and school is that you might lose on one or both. As you pay attention to work, your grades will begin to fall. On the other hand, you might focus too much on work to the point of performing poorly at work. The secret is to find the perfect balance between work and school. Here are excellent tips on how to combine work and school. 

Create a schedule

It is now clear that you do not have as much time as a person who is working exclusively or spending all his time in college. You need to allocate enough time to your studies, personal projects, and work. The best way to plan and balance the limited time is developing a schedule.

A healthy schedule includes developing a routine. Set a specific time to wake up, take your meals, exercise, attend class, and work on other personal projects. The schedule helps you to identify the priority activities that require attention. At the same time, you will notice activities that waste your time. A schedule is a chance to reorganize your life around the available time. 

Maximize on your time

Use every available minute to reduce your workload in class or your place of work. For instance, utilize tea breaks and lunch hour sessions to study. Work during leave days to create more time for moments when you need time for revision or to work on an intense academic project. 

The time spent with friends or on personal entertainment will also require rethinking. Consider the fact that you will only be in school for a few months or several years. You will resume normal activities once you complete school. Utilize your time maximally to ensure that you have enough for revision or to work on personal projects.

Inform the people around you

Inform your boss, your tutor, and family members about your school as well as your work schedule. The lenient ones will adjust your schedule and understand during the days when you need to attend to other responsibilities. For instance, a considerate boss will allow you to utilize your leave days for revision and exams.

On the other hand, your tutor schedules classes or exams during the most comfortable hours or days. In case you are not available, these parties will understand your situation and make the necessary arrangements. You avoid conflicts regarding misinformation about your presence or absence. 

Use writing tools

Every minute is valuable when you have a busy class and work schedule. You need to spend the least time possible on an assignment while at the same time delivering the best paper. Writing tools are a reliable shortcut to use.

Writing tools are designed to reduce the time taken to complete academic assignments. For instance, some of the writing tools come with audio-typing capability. It means that you can dictate a paper verbally while the app writes it into words. Others help with editing as well as a citation.

The use of writing tools saves you time and will enable you to deliver high-quality essays. You avoid fatigue since you spend less time studying. You can spend most of the time allocated to academics polishing on other assignments or revising for exams.

Get help

Do not take up all responsibilities. Ask for help at work and with your school assignments. Local arrangements with your peers at work are a great place to start. Choose friends who understand and support your dream to go back to school. Reschedule your shifts and request them to stand in your gap whenever you are under pressure from school. You must be ready to return the favor when in a position.

There are writers ready to offer essay writing help online. The writers help with research, drafting, citation, referencing, data analysis, data presentation, editing, and other academic writing activities. Their help leaves you with more time to do a good job at work. You may also take the time to rest or revise for your exams. Avoid working or studying under pressure yet you can get help.


It takes sacrifice to balance such intensive projects. You must find time to go to work as well as attend class. It means trimming time from other activities that you might not consider a priority. For instance, you may reduce time spent sleeping or on entertainment.

Your social circle must also recognize that you have an intense project to complete. Friends and family should not expect you to be at every gathering. Since you will be studying only for a while, you will have all the time to attend those functions once you complete school.

Watch your health

A healthy body and mind have greater potential. You will manage to sit through long hours at work and still attend class as though you have been on a break. Watch your health for you to balance class and work effectively.

Eat healthy foods to get all the energy you need for such an intense project. Exercise to strengthen your muscles and keep your brain alert. Sleep enough hours so that the body and mind can be rejuvenated in readiness for the next session. Fatigue could lead to long-term complications and eventually poor performance in class as well as work.

 Identify priorities

The intense work and school program require you to identify priorities. Do not allow side-show activities to take over your schedule. Drop some of the activities that could interfere with your dream of working while you study. You can return to these peripheral activities in the future. 

Expert blogs suggest that it is possible to combine school and work at any level. You only need to organize your time and get the necessary help so that you can fulfill both responsibilities. Watch your health, and especially take enough breaks to protect your body as well as mind.

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