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Top Ways to Customize Your Shed and Create a Carpenter Startup

If you are thinking about creating a carpenter startup then you should start with your own shed. Your shed can be a place for you to work, test methods out, and as a portfolio to show customers what you can do. So it is important to invest the time and give your shed a new lease of life!

Here are six ways to customize your shed and to take those first steps into building your own carpenter startup. 

1. Paint Your Shed

This may seem trivial, however, you need to give your shed a fresh coat of paint. The worn-out wood look will not say much about your carpentry skills. Consider opting for something different and use brighter colors to help your shed stand out. Alternatively, you could use color more stringently but in the right places, for example, a feature wall or colored doors help give you shed a fun look without it being over the top.

2. Use Sustainable and Durable Materials

Whether you are making small repairs or re-building the entire shed, you need to use sustainable and durable materials. Particularly if you want your shed to be an example of your work for potential customers. Aside from aesthetic reasoning, it is also important that you use durable materials to look good and your shed’s longevity.

While it may be more expensive than other materials, consider it an investment as you will not have to end up redoing and rebuilding your shed every few years. You can also read these Clarke Shed Manuals to know more about sheds.

3. Create a Tool Wall

Every carpenter needs tools, and storing those tools can become chaotic and unorganized quickly. This is where the tool wall comes into play, as you can hang up all of your tools on one wall and be able to find what you need with ease. You can use a mixture of hooks and magnets to keep everything up there.

This way of storing tools is perfect for carpenters as they don’t have to waste time digging around in rusty toolboxes. Another perk is that it doesn’t take up any floor space or cause any clutter! Visually it is pretty cool too, and it will make you look like the real deal.

4. Extend Your Shed

If you have the space in your garden you could consider extending your shed. There is a lot of potential for creating special custom sheds that look good and practical too. If you extend your shed you could create a space that is a designated workshop. This can be where you have your tool wall and workbench for your carpentry jobs. Alternatively, you could build decking around the front and sides of your shed to give it a more homey feel.

That way it can serve as an outdoor seating area for relaxing when you need to take breaks from the work. If you have a family, then it gives your kids a place to hang out while you crack on with odd jobs.

5. Create Zones Inside

It does not matter how big or small your shed is, you can still create zones no matter what size shed you are working with. Zones are a useful way to keep things organized and to make space feel bigger than it is. You could have a coffee and tea station in one corner to save you going back into the house every time you fancy a cup of coffee.

You can organize furniture in a way that makes zones clear, for example, seating can go near the refreshment station and your tool wall will go next to your workbench station. Little arrangements can make a big difference, so make sure you experiment with different layouts.

6. Show Off What You Can Do

You have full control over what you do with your shed and so why not use it as an example of your work. Show off your skills and build something that you are proud of.

Your shed can be your portfolio of work, so take pictures and upload it to your carpentry website and to social media to spread the word. If you want your startup business to take off, you have to stand out among the competition because there are a tonne of carpenters out there but people are looking for something more. Make your shed special and it will get the recognition it deserves.

Use these six ways to customize your shed and let it be the first project you undertake in your carpentry startup business. Do it right and the customers will be flocking to you in no time!

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