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Are Language Learning Apps Effective?

2020 has witnessed drastic changes in technology and opened gateways for online and e-commerce markets. With increasing globalization, the world has become more interconnected where we are supposed to work in close contact with people from around the world. Thus, learning a foreign language serves as an opportunity to connect with people more meaningfully.

Therefore, learning a new language is no longer a hassle. You can get to the right track just by downloading an efficient language app on your phone. However, you are probably wondering if these apps actually work. For instance, can you get a better learning resource for the price of Babbel (a famous language learning app)? Mind you, most of these apps have premium versions as well as free ones.

Benefits of Bilingual Education

The study reveals that learning a foreign language has cognitive, social, and health benefits. It paves the way for you to succeed in nearly every aspect of life. Thus, many educational institutes also focus on bilingual education. Learning a new language increases the chance to secure a job beyond geographical boundaries and helps you deal with people of another culture. International travel is much easier if you are familiar with a foreign language. It equally enhances analytical skills and improves memory. Similarly, you can get a fair advantage in a global market if you are bilingual.

Statistics of Language Apps

In today’s world, you can master French, Spanish, or any other language by simply downloading your favorite app. Millions of people download educational apps like Babble and Duolingo that teach vocabulary and offer courses in various languages. They are widely famous for serving more than 100 million active users worldwide. As per statistics in October 2021, Duolingo is the most popular learning app downloaded by 7.3 million users worldwide in a month.

Best Language Learning Apps

In today’s world, the market is flooded with many educational apps. However, we’ve rounded up some most useful language apps for you. Pick your favorite app according to your learning style and be proficient in learning a new language. 

  • Babbel: An overall interactive app that offers short courses for quick learning.
  • Memrise: The best-known app where you have interactive sessions with native speakers.
  • Duolingo: Effective for taking free language lessons.
  • Mondly: Best-known to improve your pronunciation.
  • Speakly: Best for those who are more interested in real-life conversations.
  • Lirica: Learn a new language in a fun way through music.
  • Rosetta Stone: Best audio learning app.
  • QLango: Best app to learn language through games.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Following are some key things that you must keep in mind before deciding whether to go to a teacher or buy a language learning app.

1- Built-in Trackers

It is easy to lose track while learning something on your own. If you cannot measure the achievement, you might lose motivation over time. Thus, to support the idea, many language apps have a built-in tracker to track your progress from the beginning. 

It tracks every single detail, including the new words you’ve learned daily. It is especially beneficial for newbies and solo learners who do not get a classroom environment to stay connected as compared to other learners.

2- Friendly Interface

Whether you are a student or have a desk job from 9 to 5, you don’t have to rush to attend your class. These apps do not demand you to dedicate a specific time to learning. You are free to set your timeline by choosing your learning style. There is no such pressure to move ahead as you have in schools, nor do you have to follow a tutor’s schedule. 

These apps usually have a very friendly interface where they interact with the user through visuals and fun activities. They are quite engaging that help the user to memorize the language.

3- No Real-World Experience

Language learning apps provide you an edge in various ways; however, they are still not as competent as a professor. Sometimes, it feels great to have a teacher around who can help you learn as per your potential, whereas you have to follow a gradual process in an app. 

A professor gives you insights into the cultural values of the foreign land, which helps you at times to understand the people and their language. Apps are helpful for solo learners but a professor can be helpful in case you want to set yourself up for a real-world experience.  

How to Learn Effectively:

  • Be committed to yourself before learning a new language.
  • Try to figure out the app that suits your learning style. There are audiovisual and gaming apps, whereas some offer interactive sessions with natives.
  • If you want to be proficient, you probably have to go for an app that offers a subscription, so research before paying for it.
  • Choose an app only when you know it offers that specific language course you are looking for.

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