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Tips to Avoid Blocking on Instagram

Tips to Avoid Blocking on Instagram

Instagram constantly gets stricter and stricter when it comes to bots, spamming and stretching Instagram’s rules. This can increase the odds of getting blocked by Instagram of for example commenting or liking posts. Using the like, follow and comment feature on Instagram is a great tool if you want to grow your page so therefore, users who are trying to grow their page might find themselves temporarily blocked for performing those actions since they have used them in a too wide extent. This is why we have gathered these Tips to Avoid Blocking on Instagram.

How to Avoid getting blocked:

Complete your Instagram Profile

This is one of the most basic tasks that you can do to lower the chances of getting blocked. Write a good bio and have a good profile picture. This makes your profile look less like a bot.

If you recently started your account

Tips to Avoid Blocking on Instagram

If you just started your account, it is very important that you post a few posts before you begin using the features such as commenting, liking & following. Before doing so, you should post a few posts regularly for around 3 days. This makes the odds of getting blocked smaller.

Have the Community Guidelines in mind

This should be one of the first things you do when creating your Instagram accounts. If you haven’t done it yet, make sure that you have read Instagram’s Community Guidelines. This makes sure that you are aware of what is allowed and what is not on the platform.

Post Regularly

Post between 1 and 3 photos a day, this should keep your audience engaged. However, you shouldn’t post pictures just for the sake of posting pictures – they should all be beautiful and unique in their own right. Don’t post too many pictures per day either and avoid posting more than one picture at a time. This can clog up your followers’ news feeds, which many people don’t like. And if they get sick of your constant posting, they might decide to unfollow you. Being active on Instagram and posting often can prevent your from being blocked.

Smartphone on Instagram

Use Instagram’s features moderately

This is probably one of the most important parts of this article because this is usually what creates a block in the first place. Avoid spam-following many users at once. 100 profiles in one go is a good number to be on the safe side. Don’t spam-like pictures too much. The rule goes for this too. Around 100 pictures at once is usually a good number to avoid getting blocked. You should also make sure that you are not following/unfollowing profiles too quickly and too often because this is considered to be bot-like behavior on Instagram. Another of the many Tips to Avoid Blocking on Instagram is being careful when performing Bulk actions since these can in worst cases disable your account and in some cases temporarily block it or worst of all-ban it. So, be careful when performing these actions. Edit your Bio

Lastly, to avoid getting blocked on Instagram, you should perform bulk actions moderately and spam carefully since these can result in temporary blocks.

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