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5 of the Most Effective Ways to Promote Your Instagram Account

Social media has paved the way for millions of young people to become celebrities without having to pack up their bags and leave for Hollywood. The most followed person on Instagram, Cristiano Ronaldo, has over 233 million unique followers. 

Before moving onto the other steps, there is a vital first step that many influencers and brands don’t want you to know about (but they’re all doing it). To get started, you need to buy likes from real accounts. If you are wondering how to buy likes on Instagram or which website to choose from, we recommend going for LeoBoost, which offers instant likes. Those likes will bump up your engagement and get you onto exploring pages and to the top of news feeds, paving the way to get more organic traffic. 

After buying followers, what comes next? Don’t give up! We can offer you tips on best promoting your Instagram account.

1.Time Your Posts Well

The most important thing for your Instagram account is having compelling content for your audience. If you want to stand out from everybody else, then you need to take notes on timing your posts and gain as much attention as possible.

First, consistently upload your posts. Keep to a schedule and try not to break away from it. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Start out small. Aim for two posts a week. If you feel more comfortable with your content, then upload more frequently.
  • Use third-party software to schedule posts. These applications will not automatically post your content, but it will allow you to prepare your post so that you can then upload it to your account at your scheduled time.

Next, post during optimal times. Understand when your followers are the most active online, and then upload your content and maximize engagement.

Also, consider looking towards other similar content creators and see when they are uploading their content. Use this as a barometer for your own timing.

Lastly, understand Instagram’s algorithm. The AI will rank posts from close friends/family higher than posts from random users. The best way to manipulate the algorithm involves commenting on posts that target a similar audience.

2.Interact with your Followers

Now you are constantly uploading posts and gaining followers at a steady rate. So how do you keep your audience engaged with your content? Simple. Interact with your followers through the many features that Instagram provides for budding content creators such as yourself.

  • Use Instagram Stories to create a series of posts that tell a compelling narrative. Interesting stories will net more followers, so use your brand to represent yourself honestly
  • Along with stories, use hashtags as well. Every Instagram post ends with dozens of hashtags. But don’t feel pressured to find hundreds of hashtags. Find the ones that relate to your content and use them in each of your posts.
  • Consider using IGTV as well. Instead of written posts, Instagram TV is long videos. Use the chance to promote your brand in a creative way. Or do a cross-promotion with another creator and work together to grow each brand’s audience. 

Furthermore, think about contests and giveaways for your brand. Post about a limited item and ask your audience to make a comment and earn a chance at winning the item. Or you can challenge your audience’s creativity and have them develop something unique. Thus, choose the best creation and give the winning user a prize. 

3.Reach out to Other Content Creators

Remember that you are not alone on Instagram. There is an ocean of people trying to do what you are doing: reaching out to their audience in the best possible way.

Chances are, there are people with similar content also trying to gain a huge following. Work with them and come up with ideas that will help both of you gain bigger followings.

Reach out to other content creators and ask them if they want to collaborate on a project. Work together on a contest with them, or use shoutouts.

Simply put, shoutouts are brand mentions. It is done with a profile link in the caption of a picture that promotes your brand. Work with other content creators and swap shoutouts among everybody in the group. As a result, everybody will gain more viewers.

4.Share Relevant Content

Although Instagram does not allow reposting work of other content creators ala Twitter or Facebook, you can share content from other creators and properly credit them in the caption. In doing so, you will network with other creators and potentially make friends in your industry.

Before reposting content from another creator, bear in mind the following valuable tips:

  • Build a healthy and positive relationship with the content creator first. Comment on their posts, give likes, and directly message them. Once you show genuine interest in their content, ask them permission in sharing their content on your account.
  • Do not create content by using or copying from other people’s work. They are all working hard to make the best content for their account. Respect their work and credit them. If not, you will be subject to Instagram’s policies on copyright and plagiarism. 
  • Utilize free apps in reposting content on Instagram. It will be easier to share content this way as well as giving you time to schedule the posts as well.

5.Gain the trust of influencers

The best way to improve your content is by gaining inspiration from other hard-working content creators on Instagram. 

If there is one particular influencer that you find interesting, try getting them to recommend your content.

Gain the trust of influencers by providing them items from your brand or offer free services to them, such as helping in managing their comments. You can also shout out to their brand on your content, building a healthy rapport with them.

Ultimately, there are plenty of people who share your dream. View other content creators not as competitors, but as friends who can help each other expand their audience. Click here for even more tips and tricks on how to improve your account and for new, weekly content.

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