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How to Write Instagram Captions That Capture Attention

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Instagram has risen in popularity and has over two billion users across the globe. To connect with your audience, you’ll need to write intriguing captions suitable to your audience. Keep reading if you want help with captions.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to write Instagram captions that will captivate your followers. You want to consider your intended audience and who you’re reaching out to.

Ready for more information? Check out the tips below.

Your First Sentence Should Intrigue People

Instagram will usually hide most of your captions behind the ‘more’ link. You will only get to show off a few essential details. Think carefully about your first line. This sentence will show up in someone’s Instagram feed.

You want to ask them a question. You want people to continue reading the rest of the caption.

Treat your Instagram caption as you would with other social media platforms. Always lead with a hook. You want the initial line or two to invite readers to find more information.

Pick the Right Hashtags

When writing an Instagram caption, you’ll want to use the right hashtags for your post. Use brand-related hashtags.

If you aren’t sure what hashtags to use, look at similar accounts. What hashtags are they using? Try using a couple of them. You don’t want to fill your post with tons of hashtags.

Break Your Longer Paragraphs Up

To help with the flow of your caption, look at breaking up your paragraphs with a line break.

This will make it easier for people to scan your post.

Make Sure You Include a CTA

Lead each Instagram caption with a goal. Let the goal explain how the reader can take action. You should also ensure each post has an intention and purpose.

Would you like followers to shop for a particular product or check your website? Would you want them to browse your latest sale or promotion?

Encourage engagement from your followers. Create a feeling of conversation and dialogue with your readers. You should see engagement as a sign that your posts are working.

Boosting engagement will also increase the chance of your post appearing in someone else’s users’ feeds.

How to Add Encouragement to a Caption

You can add encouragement to your caption by asking the reader to click the link found in your Instagram bio. You might invite the viewer to leave a comment below or a suggestion.

You can grow your reach by inviting viewers to tag a friend. People will often share a post with someone they think

How Can You Add Value?

Provide tricks and tips for your audience. You want to give helpful information that will inform or educate your audience. This will add value to the Instagram post.

When you add value to the caption, the user will probably bookmark and share the post.

Write With a Human Touch

Authenticity is what will matter. When writing any post, try to put yourself out there. Write as if you’re chatting to a friend. Remain intentional and strategic. You also want to sound natural and friendly.

People can usually detect if someone’s being fake. You want to remain genuine and maintain a consistent voice.

Try Drafting Your Captions

It might benefit you to draft your captions on a different platform altogether.

Some prefer to prepare captions on their phones or even a good old-fashioned notebook. You can write a few captions, edit them, reread them, and then schedule their post.

You should consider your engagement and campaign goals when you draft a caption.

Taking time to draft the captions in advance will allow you the chance to edit them later. Consider preparing a few captions, and pick the most compelling one.

Don’t Forget About Storytelling

Try to use storytelling when it comes time to write Instagram captions. Describe tastes, sounds, emotions, or touch. You want your personality to show up.

You want people to envision using or eating the product.

Have Fun With the Captions

You could also sprinkle in a few different emojis. This will help animate your captions. Using the right emoji will help frame a longer paragraph or sentence. It also helps break up the reading flow for the viewer.

Emojis will also invite a reader to take action. The emojis might ask them to click a link in the bio. If you end up using emojis, they should vibe with your tone and branding.

Some businesses will work with freelancers to create content for their Instagram. If you have a voice and brand identity, you should ask the freelancer to look at these things first.

You want everything to remain consistent.

What’s the Caption Length?

The copy in your Instagram caption should prioritize quality over quantity. It should have snappy and short sentences. You don’t want to lose your viewers with long and in-depth paragraphs.

People aren’t going to want to read long paragraphs of information necessary. Your followers aren’t going to read massive captions. Read more here about other mistakes to avoid.

Understanding How to Write Instagram Captions

Understanding how to write Instagram captions that capture your audience isn’t easy, but you can do it with practice. Look at writing consistent captions on Instagram to remain engaged with your followers.

Provide quality content that’s consistent with your brand voice.

If you need helpful social media marketing tips like this guide, check out our resources on the blog today.

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