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How to Make Money on Instagram and Get More Followers

The popularity of digital media in our lives is the major reason for the increasing popularity of Instagram as a marketing platform. This is just another reason that we can attribute to the increasing popularity and importance of Instagram followers. The platform offers several ways of generating income, but you need to gain followers for the same.

Some businesses try to buy Instagram followers to get the initial engagement on their posts. But, we understand that you might not have any budget to spare for this method. Hence, we have compiled a list of methods that will help you make money on Instagram and get more real followers on instagram. So, let us start generating that money ASAP!


Before you start thinking about making money from Instagram, you need to start treating it as a business instead of your personal account. Niche down to a specific topic and let your account revolve around it. If you don’t niche down, your followers will not understand what your account is about. One might follow you after the travel post you made, but the next random post will confuse them. You need to stand out in the saturated platform to gain followers and earn money from it. Create an account where you share your opinions and expertise on something. If you have a brand, create an account specifically for it.

Some niches that have a large concentration of Instagram followers are-

  • Animal/pet accounts
  • Food and recipe accounts
  • Sports, wellness, and nutrition
  • Architecture and illustrations
  • Travel and lifestyle
  • Fashion and Beauty

You can easily combine two or more niches that go together. However, make sure that your account has a distinct purpose.

After you successfully niche down, you can review popular products in the industry. If you are in the travel niche, you can review local places too. You can use affiliate links or promo codes to get the most revenue out of it.

Influencer Programs

Influencer marketing is one of the most profitable ways to generate income from the platform. You can charge anywhere from hundreds to thousands based on your follower count/engagement rate. However, you will not get into Influencer programs or get sponsorships quickly. It needs abundant effort and consistency.

Finding brands for sponsorship partnerships is difficult and you need to put in a lot of hard work. You can make a document with details including your account, audience type, niche, data of Instagram followers, and Analytic details. You can find companies or brands to work with and promote their products/services. Once you get a good amount of followers or sponsorships, you can use an influencer agent to find brands for you.

Instagram Stories, Live, and Reels

Instagram’s features are an absolute necessity if you want to generate money from Instagram. You could have a Creators or Business Account to leverage all of Instagram’s features. However, you would have to produce entertaining content consistently and keep your audience engaged. Instagram Stories last for 24 hours and stay in the account memory. You can also highlight your favorite or best stories on your account. Some engaging story ideas for businesses are:

  • Publish regular and seasonal discounts.
  • Review popular products from the industry.
  • Share popular news or press releases of your brand.
  • Highlight and promote events/launches.

You can broadcast live videos of your business or its processes. If you care for the quality, you can pre-record and post them online. The average attention span of people has been decreasing. Thus, visual content is more popular than write-ups. We suggest you leverage these Instagram features and monetize your account.

Use Instagram Advertising Campaigns

Instagram is saturated and highly competitive which is important for differentiating your profile from others. To make money and get more Instagram followers, you need to invest in the platform. An advertising campaign can help multiply your engagement on Instagram exponentially. Instagram Ads are flexible and you can invest according to your budget. There is no hard and bound rule. Irrespective of the size and engagement of your brand, you can invest in Instagram Ads. 

Pay Attention To Your Audience

Your Instagram followers will be your source of money and engaging them with your brand/account is crucial. If you buy Instagram followers, you should ensure that these are real accounts. Else, the engagement ratio will decrease and will be of no help. All the brand promotions you land will be because of your audience. Hence, you need to ensure that you fulfill their demands. Moreover, keeping your audience happy is the easiest and ultimate hack for earning Instagram followers and growing your account. Try understanding what your audience prefers.

Organize polls for the same or check out your Instagram analytics and performance. This will give you crucial insights that you can leverage for growing on Instagram. If you digress from what your Instagram followers want, you can lose followers, engagement, and potential brand deals. Brands will pay you, but your audience ensures the paycheck.


Instagram is a good social media platform for generating money, provided you have a good number of Instagram followers. You can try to buy Instagram followers for getting the initial engagement. What was your favorite idea out of these to make money on Instagram and get more Instagram followers? Let us know and we hope this blog helps you monetize your Instagram account.

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