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How to Organically Grow Your Instagram to Boost Exposure

We all want more followers and more engagement on their Instagram. This is especially true when it comes to business pages on Instagram.

Instagram has proven to be an extremely effective marketing tool which can be used for an array of different marketing purposes, such as increase traffic, drive sales, boost brand awareness, boost audience engagement, build customer relationship, and everything in between.

The foundation for any successful marketing is reaching your target audience, and this means that your marketing efforts need to be directed towards where your target audience is spending time. And if you consider the fact that more than 1 billion people use Instagram actively, it’s very clear that Instagram is a social media platform that has people’s attention.

Now, the catch is that it doesn’t matter how many people use Instagram unless you know how to reach them with your brand message. Growing your Instagram and getting organic marketing results from it can be hard. This is especially true now that Instagram boasts so many users, which means that it is harder than ever to cut through the noise and reach your target audience with your message.

Furthermore, the Instagram marketing statistics that prove how effective Instagram is, such as the following:

  • 80% of users follow at least one business
  • 60% of users discover products on Instagram
  • 75% of users take action after looking at a brand’s post
  • 70% more likely to buy via mobile

..and the list goes on.

Now thankfully, Instagram is not hopeless. In fact, with the right strategies, you can dominate on the platform and reach the people who really matter for you.

We have given Combin a shot, and here are our experiences.

Let’s look at how you can organically grow your Instagram to increase traffic with the help of an organic Instagram marketing tool.

Organically grow your Instagram to boost exposure

Manually working with your Instagram is a ton of hard work. It is at least very repetitive and time-consuming.

With the help of Combin, you can streamline this process.

Now, Combin is not like every other Instagram spam tool that simply farms temporary likes and follow-backs. Fake likes, fake comments, and fake follows that you can buy in bulk on Instagram are, in reality, completely meaningless. They don’t bring any value table. But how can you streamline the organic process and get real people to discover and become engaged with your business?

Well, what Combin does is draw the attention of people purely interested in your product and build up an engaging community. And it does this in a  safe and controlled manner.

Combin is a smart tool for boosting your Instagram marketing, that helps you get genuine followers, likes, and comments, but unlike most other tools out there, these are completely authentic and come from people who are genuinely interested in your business.

Advanced Instagram Search

Combin has an advanced Instagram search that allows you to find profiles and publications of your potential followers through a strategic and targeted hashtag, by location, among followers, likes, and commenters of your competitors. The Combin 2.0 version also allows you to filter based on gender and language.

Doing this is actually a very underrated way to identify your target audience on social media because this is actually a real problem.

While your target audience spends time on social media, how will you find them, and how will you reach them?

Well, most likely, the customers you are trying to reach are already following and engaging with your competitors, and Combin leverages this in order to reach the people who matter the most to you.

Furthermore, with the tool, you can also combine locations + hashtags queries and pick relevant places on an interactive map for more accurate, relevant results.

We have done this work manually prior, and this is of course very time-consuming, but with this tool, you streamline the process dramatically and save a ton of time.

User search analysis

No matter if you filter and target very precisely, you will still come across completely irrelevant accounts on Instagram. Even spam.

Through user analysis, the program filters post so that you only receive posts and profiles of interaction from efficient accounts. This means that you will be skipping celebrities’ accounts, shops, spam, etc. In other words, people who would not have engaged and interacted with your page either.

This machine learning-enhanced algorithm determines such accounts with 90% accuracy, and this type of program is quite tricky to do yourself – even if you have many years of Instagram experience and can identify an account that is poor to engage with. Combin Instagram tool streamlines this process significantly.

Audience management

Followers play a central role on Instagram. Both how many followers you have, who follows you, how many followers you grow, and so on.

With the Instagram tool, you can manage your Instagram followings and followers in one tab, allowing you to detect who doesn’t follow you back and then unfollow them in batch.  You are also able to track accounts you unfollowed to avoid following them again. 

The key to success on Instagram is to attract attention, and some of the most effective ways is by liking and commenting on people’s latest posts. It’s no rocket science, but it works1

When you engage with someone’s post on Instagram, they will get a notification. This notification tends to make people curious and want to see who engaged with them and why. The result is that they visit your profile and become aware of your brand’s existence. And they may even proceed to your website or to buy something if they really liked it.

Easy Communication

I cannot emphasize just how important communication on social media is for success.

Of course, this may not be a surprise considering it’s called ”social” media.

Communicating on Instagram can be done in a  million different ways, such as:

  • Inform your customers about important information
  • Increase loyalty
  • Improve customer relationship
  • Spread awareness

By taking part in discussions under found posts on Instagram, you will also attract potential followers. Inside the Combin tool, you can create comment templates for easy use in the future as well as set tasks for single and mass liking and commenting.

Sorting + Preview

You can decide who to follow and what posts to interact with. You have extensive choices on what posts to interact with on Instagram, and you can sort search results by date and popularity, get the most followed users and the hottest posts first.

When new used it, we ensured that we engage with the most targeted and relevant people, because ultimately, this is what will have the largest impact on the results from it.

Activity Statistics

The tool also allows you to monitor the number of likes, comments and follows which have been processed through the application. This allows you to track your growth and get a breakdown of how you are performing when it comes to, for example, the number of likes, comments and follows processed through the application. The tool also offers valuable statistics that allows you to track your growth, see how many followers you get on average per day, how many likes, comments and follows you received during different periods of time.

How the Combin tool works

The Combin tool is very straightforward, and once you have set it up, you can simply follow the conversations as a spectator as the program takes care of the rest. The best part is that you are attracting real and authentic people who are truly valuable for your business. This is not to be confused with buying fake followers that bring no real benefit other than that it ”looks cool” to have lots of followers.

How it Works

1.Open search tab and click ”add search” to start growing your Instagram

2.start searching for posts with relevant hashtags and locations. Select posts and leave likes, comments or follow the uploaders. Click on ”update the search” to refresh results.

Grow Instagram

3. Find new people by looking up followers and comments of your competitors. Sort accounts by popularity and age, engage with them right from the tool.


4.perform mass and single following and unfollowing, check who follows you back.  Select users for commenting last posts, like last 3 pictures in the users tab.

Learn more about Combin on their website.

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