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How to Market a Product to Attract Media Attention

How to Market a Product to Attract Media Attention

Getting media buzz can help generate huge results and if you succeed with creating a marketing campaign that is worth spreading on media, you can get great results. But how do you do just that?

The big thing radio/TV stations (which will be our main media sources in this article) discuss when it comes to featuring products/businesses is, “What’s in it for the viewer?” You need to prove that you have something that benefits a large number of their television viewers.

When you write your press release, make it sound like you not only have something beneficial to people but you can also share knowledge and information beneficial to viewers. Television stations don’t want to put a sales person on tv for a chunk of free airtime. This is very important to have in mind when trying to attract media attention.

There are a few very important parts of getting media attention for your business and product that can be particularly beneficial for you. These are:

1. Build contacts with journalists/news reporters

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The key ingredient or at least one of the main components in attracting media attention is a social approach to the media and public relations.

If you create contacts with journalists and reporters, you will have it easier when you pitch your story.

2. Have a story that stands out

This one might be pretty obvious but it is still one of the main reasons why the business isn’t being picked. Usually, all businesses thinks that their product or story is the most interesting because their vision is too narrow due to the focus within the business. The same principle goes for a lot of things. Everybody thinks that what they do is the best. When trying to attract media attention, try to think about your story objectively, like how a normal viewer would see it.


This might be hard if you’ve worked too much with the product you are trying to get media attention towards but getting people from outside your business such as friends and family to tell you their opinions can be quite valuable so don’t underestimate it. And most importantly. Be able to take criticism.

Do have in mind that busy editors sort through piles of mails or calls just like yours every single day. Have a unique story and you’ll surely get media attention towards your product.

3. Avoid buzzwords- get to the point

A positioning statement is the elevator speech that explains your business in just one or two sentences. How you do this can decide wether or not you’ll make it or break it. Often, you only have one shot to make an impression and make the reporter interested enough to continue reading. Therefore, this step is very important.


At any cost, avoid writing a positioning statement or pitch with a lot of advanced words that doesn’t really say anything or brings any value to the reader. Get to the point as quickly as possible and make it interesting for the reader.

4. Keep it simple and personal

Uniqueness is key when trying to pitch your story to the media and following these two advice can really help you with that.

Make your story unique by keeping it simple and human with a casual subject and a personal touch!

5. Take inspiration from similar stories

There are lots of businesses that have marketed their products with the help of media so study them and their stories in order to learn what they did that was interesting enough to end up in media.

You can even try to contact some of the businesses and ask them what they did to be featured on media.

Have your products been featured on media before? We’d love to hear your tactics to how you made it happen! Comment below!

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