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How to Improve SEO With Videos

How to Improve SEO With Videos

SEO can be improved in many ways and a way to improve SEO that a lot of people don’t think about is using videos.

In this article, you’ll learn How to Improve SEO With Videos and with the help of videos get your site ranked very high and very quickly.

1.Create a short 30 – 60 second video. It can be moving or images, doesn’t matter. Then post that video on your business Google+ page (build one if you don’t have one).

2. Post the video on your website (preferably front page), post on your business youTube channel and make sure your video title includes a search keyword string that your potential customer will search for. The point is- something that includes a widely used search keyword string, but specific, not general.

3. By just doing the steps above, you will increase your rankings on search engines. Next step, do a Live YouTube video of your products, if you have the possibility. If you run a drop-ship business, this can be a little tricky but you might be able to show up something.


4. If you are the one making the products, then you can make a live stream of the process and introduce the company. Do the above SEO on the streaming video and you have the opportunity of ranking page #1 in google very quickly for your search term.

5. Include a back link on your Youtube video. By linking back to your website from your Youtube video, you can easily increase the ranking of your website.

The importance of video for SEO improvements and rankings cannot be stressed enough. Also, Google+ is also very important for this.

When looking to use videos to improve your SEO, remember to Keep videos short.

A study released by Microsoft  showed that people have very little attention span. Only eight seconds. This means that your videos have to be short but packed with interesting content

How are you improving your SEO with videos? Do you have any tricks that have been effective? We’d love to hear about it!

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