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How To Drive High Volume Traffic To a Specific Website

How To Drive High Volume Traffic To a Specific Website

If you want to drive high traffic to a specific website, you should know some online marketing methods. Knowledge is power when it comes to website traffic and knowing how to adapt your knowledge is everything. in this article, you´ll learn How To Drive High Volume Traffic To a Specific Website.

Below are some tips for the budget and non-budget marketing, you can select some ways for your online marketing according to your real life situation.


If you want to get much more traffic and visits fast, you can try Google AdWords or Google Adsense. By placing these kinds of ads, you pay only when people click on your ad and gets redirected to your website (Pay Per Click).


If you have a website, you can do some Free SEO for your website. SEO can be divided into On-page and Off-page SEO. On-page SEO refers to optimizing the TDK (Title, keywords, descriptions), original content and conversion rate. Off-page SEO refers to the improvement of the keyword ranking, traffic, page index and so on.

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3 Social media

Some social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ can generate loads of traffic if done right. Read the linked article to learn more about how you can generate free website traffic for free.

4 Bookmark

Most customers like to read information via bookmarks, such as, Digg, Dig, Diggo, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Folkd and so on. So you can simply start to share some interesting things to them and in this way generate some traffic.

5 Arrange a contest

Giveaways are ALWAYS a good idea to attract an audience because who doesn´t like free stuff. Announce your giveaway on all your social medias and tell people that they enter by visiting your website (and signing up). This will absolutely help you get more traffic to your website.

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