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How To Delete Your Search History on Instagram

How To Delete Your Search History on Instagram

If you have been using the search bar on Instagram when you’ve searched for people, tags and places, they will still remain in your search history just right below the search bar.

Not only can the search history become packed, but it you have stalked a person on Instagram and then want to remove all traces, the search history is a good place to start.

In this article, we’ll present you three ways on How To Delete Your Search History on Instagram.

How to delete your search history

In the search history, there will be two “sections” of your history.

Go to the search bar by tapping the magnifying glass at the bottom of the page when in the app and then tap “search”


Instagram search history search bar

In your history , that is located just below the search bar, you can see the two sections.

The first section is “Suggested” accounts and the second section is your search history.

To delete suggested accounts:

You can remove the suggested profiles from your search history by simply holding down on their name and a button that looks like the following will appear:

Instagram remove search history

Choose hide or cancel. If you tap “Hide”, it will no longer appear as a recommended page in your search bar.

Now, there’s only your real search history left.

This can’t be deleted with a simple tap and hold. Instead, we have to go in to settings.

How to delete your real Instagram search history

  1. Go to your Instagram profile (tapping your profile picture in the bottom right corner)
  2. Tap the cog-wheel in the top right corner (Instagram search history settings)
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings page

Instagram search history settings

4. Tap “Clear Search History”

5. Confirm

Instagram Search history

If you go to your search bar again, you will see that your search history is completely done. Mission accomplished.

Bonus tip on how to delete search history

If you don’t satisfy with the easy way, you can make it more difficult for you.

By simply deleting your Instagram app, you will delete all data and cache which means your search history will be deleted.

Then download the app again and start fresh.


Deleting your Instagram search history is super easy and it can be done in several ways.

Do remember that even if you delete your search history on your account, it will be saved in Instagram’s databases so it will still remain, just not on your profile.

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