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How To Decide Between An Apartment And A House

How To Decide Between An Apartment And A House

There are many things to consider when purchasing a property, regardless of whether it is your first property or simply the next in a long list. 

But, one of the most fundamentally important questions you’ll need to ask yourself is whether to choose an apartment or a house. There are plenty of good reasons to buy either, the final decision is a personal one. But, the following can help you decide.

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The Economics

In general economic terms, it is cheaper to purchase an apartment than a house. This is because apartments generally have less space and no outside areas. It is worth noting there are some areas of the country where buying a house is actually cheaper than an apartment.

However, the real economic factor to consider is the ongoing costs. Apartments for rent in Indianapolis tend to be cheaper to heat and maintenance bills are lower, making them better on your monthly budget.  


Apartments are more common in cities where space is at a premium. That’s why you’ll often find affordable apartments have a limited amount of floor space. 

In short, a house will have more space. The question is which suits your needs better? If you spend a lot of time at home and there are several members of your family or you like to entertain, you’re going to want as much space as possible. That means a house may be the better option.

Of course, if the opposite is true then space isn’t that important an apartment may be the better choice. 


A key difference between apartments and houses is the maintenance. Apartments are housed in buildings which are shared. That means the maintenance is everyone’s responsibility. That’s why most apartment owners contribute to a fund that covers all the maintenance of the building. You don’t need to do anything. 

In contrast, all the maintenance on a house is your responsibility as the owner. That can cost you more and be time-consuming.

It should be noted that the maintenance contracts don’t usually cover repairs to your appliances. 


Making improvements inside an apartment can be difficult. There are a limited number of options available to you and you cannot change the outside of the building. You also need to be careful of noise as there are others living on all sides of your apartment. 

In contrast, you can do almost anything you want in your own home. That includes creating outside spaces for entertaining and relaxing. You will also be less concerned about noise as your neighbours are not as close as in an apartment. 


It’s worth noting that apartments are generally located in busier sections of cities, making them popular with workers and young people that need access to nightlife. In contrast, houses tend to be slightly further from the centre and in quieter areas.

Remember, there is no right or wrong decision, just the one that suits you best when you browse properties for sale.

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