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How To Add Someone On Snapchat By Scanning Their Snapcode

How To Add Someone On Snapchat By Scanning Their Snapcode

A Snapcode is an individual code that every Snapchatter gets. You can find your own Snapcode by going to the main camera screen and then swipe down on the screen. With the Snapcode, people can add you by simply scanning it with their phone or with their camera.

In this article, we’ll be breaking down step-by-step how to add someone on Snapchat by scanning their Snapcode.

It might all sound very odd and strange but you’ll soon understand all of it!

As mentioned, there are two ways to add a friend with a Snapcode.

First method: Scanning scanning their Snapcode with your camera

  1. Ask the person to open their Snapchat app and Snapcode (by sliding down on the screen from the main camera interface
  2. Open up your Snapchat app and go to the main camera interface
  3. Hold your camera towards the snapcode of the person you wish to add
  4. If done successfully, the account will appear on your screen

Second method: Adding from a snapcode in your photo library

  1. If someone has sent a screenshot of their snapcode or posted it on social media, save it in your photo library
  2. From the main screen, slide down
  3. Tap “Add Friend”
  4. Tap “Add by Snapcode”
  5. The photos fro your photo library will now appear. Tap the image with the snapcode you’ve saved
  6. Done!

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