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Common Injuries in Connecticut Motorcycle Accidents: A Detailed Look

Connecticut bikers know exactly how soul-quenching it can be to crack the throttle and hit the road. Unfortunately, some literally do hit the road. When caused by a neglectful act of a careless driver, their injuries feel exponentially worse. The risks of riding on two wheels are many, and despite how many safe and experienced motorcycle riders are on the road, there’s always the chance of a crash. Even a minor accident can cause serious bodily harm.

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Common Motorcycle Injuries

The possibility of experiencing injuries from any type of motorcycle accident is significantly higher than those who are involved in passenger vehicle crashes. The reason is obvious. A motorcycle doesn’t have a cage around it for rider protection, and even the most minor of crashes often result in painful injuries that require immediate medical care.

Although Connecticut only requires those under the age of 18 to wear a motorcycle helmet, it is highly suggested that all riders wear proper protection, including a helmet. Proactive riders who wear protective gear have the best opportunity to walk away from a motorcycle accident with fewer injuries than those who choose not to wear them.

Road Rash

An incredibly common motorcycle injury that’s feared by many is road rash. Bikers who forgo wearing protective gear like leather gloves, boots, and pants face the risk of experiencing this painful condition firsthand, even in a minor accident.

Road rash occurs when a biker is thrown from his motorcycle and skids along the pavement, causing severe skin abrasions. Not only extremely painful, but this condition can lead to infections and can cause permanant nerve damage. Mild or severe, road rash is no joke.

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Muscle Injuries

Upon impact with the road or a motor vehicle, many bikers involved in a collision experience a variety of different muscle and ligament injuries. It’s rare that anyone on a motorcycle who’s gone down to not have any type of muscle pain or tightness. Pulled muscles are common when a biker is ejected during an accident due to the rapid and violent movement of the body in unnatural positions.


Bikers who’ve been hit by a motor vehicle who weren’t wearing an approved DOT helmet often suffer from traumatic brain injuries. Brain injuries can be severe when caused by a motorcycle accident and can cause permanent, life-altering conditions. Bikers who wear a helmet can significantly decrease the risk of brain damage if hit.

Head and Neck Trauma

Conditions like whiplash and concussions are more than likely from motorcycle accidents. From minor to severe injuries to the neck and head can leave the accident victim unable to work for months or even longer. Another unpleasant head injury could be facial disfigurement if the rider isn’t wearing a helmet and it’s the pavement face on. Again, this illustrates the importance of wearing protective gear.

Broken Bones

To survive a motorcycle crash free of broken bones is a rarity. The pavement is unkind and unforgiving and can easily create bone fractures with even a less severe fall. Common bone fractures from a motorcycle include femurs, ribs, forearms, and pelvis. Severely broken bones can lead to internal bleeding.

Hand and Arm Injuries

When a motorcycle rider is hit by a car or they lose control of their bike and hit the pavement, the most basic human instinct is to try and brace for the impact by extending their arms and hands. Unfortunately, this does little to protect the rider and usually results in severe hand and arm injuries. Even a minor incident can cause sprained wrists and broken fingers.


Sadly, many bikers don’t survive a motorcycle accident. Depending on the circumstances and the lack of protection while riding on two wheels, fatalities are an unpleasant reality. In Connecticut, on average, 50 bikers lose their lives each year from accidents. For high-speed collisions, no amount of protective gear can help when a biker is hit with such massive force.

Most Common Motorcycle Injuries: Final Words

Even the most experienced bikers with tens of thousands of miles under their belt can suddenly find themselves the victim of road rash, broken bones, or worse. Rarely does a rider walk away from a bike crash without injury, and for those who do find themselves injured, those injuries could potentially be life-changing.

If you’ve been hit by a careless driver and sustained injuries, your priority is to seek medical care. Your next mission should be to hire an experienced motorcycle accident personal injury attorney. They’ll ensure you receive the compensation you deserve while ensuring the at-fault party is fully held accountable.

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