Monday, April 22

How to Earn Extra money after a Recent Move to NY

It’s an exciting time to live in New York, as the state is about to legalize online gambling and sports betting. Sports betting is sure to be a true giant in the state since the NY teams have very passionate fans and the state has a huge city full of people that don’t usually have access to casinos. While actual casino games won’t be online in NY, residents of the Empire State can still play online poker. 

As New York moves towards its legal sports betting date of February, we’ll be seeing the state focus more on the sports side of things. Other states have billboards all over their highways announcing the launch of betting apps and their promo deals.

And New York sports betting will probably be profitable for those that have sports knowledge. But some might wonder whether poker is the higher paying game. The truth is that it depends on your skillset. To further explain how you can make money in NY using online gambling, we broke down some tips for poker and sports betting.


Play With Weak Players Whenever You Can

The best way to make money in poker is to keep winning and not lose. That sounds obvious, but a winning streak is a hard thing to actually maintain. Unless, of course, you make it a point to play with people who are worse than you. If you end up in an online poker lobby with a really good player, leave. Instead, keep an eye out for players who take a long time to decide or play too aggressively without the skill to back it up. Such blatantly novice players will make mistakes that you can capitalize on. 

Make Aggressive Plays With Good Cards

Table control is a key aspect of poker. Keeping the rounds fast and furious will throw off less experienced players, going back to the idea of playing with those weaker than you. It’s about the mental game and forcing everyone to match your pace. This might cause less confident players to commit to bad cards or make crucial mistakes that you can benefit from. Along with this comes the need to fold when things go bad from you. Be decisive, but don’t be afraid to walk away from a bad hand. Then, when the good cards come, go for it. 


In Sports Betting, Don’t Play Favorites 

Data suggests that more people are betting on big games due to the legalization of sports betting in more states. You can profit by paying attention to rivalry games and landmark series. Locals will put lots of money on their favorites out of loyalty, allowing you a chance to win big by playing against bad teams. Sports betting apps are great for this as they offer many options. Even college sports and international games are often offered on the big name sportsbooks. 

Another safe way to play is to use apps that let you bet on live games. It’s easier to place an informed bet while the game is halfway through, and easy to do with mobile apps that keep up-to-date track of the game. You win less, of course, but you can slowly build up your wallet. 

Specialized Markets Are Your Friend

You could keep track of big games to take the exciting jackpots, but another strategy is to only play smaller markets like player props. The winnings aren’t as large, but it’s easier to win as there’s less competition. It’s also less work for you as you only need to follow certain points of data rather than a whole season or team’s worth of stats. Props and score bets are nice ways to win small amounts and play with less risk.

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