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A Mini Guide if you Want to buy Bitcoin

Among all the cryptocurrencies you have heard about, bitcoin is the most valuable and widely used cryptocurrency among the world. It uses a decentralized method. It uses a digital ledger called the blockchain. You need to have a thorough reading regarding current market tendencies and any fluctuation that is affecting the growth of the market. 

After Bitcoin, many crypto coins were launched that were named altcoins. These also have thousands of variations and are quite valuable when compared to bitcoin. 

When it was created, many people all across the world did not have any faith in it. Many thought it would diminish in no time. However, bitcoin is growing ever since proving them wrong. And with its rising popularity, bitcoin is only getting more and more investments. You should not use all the money that you have kept in your retirement account and use that for Bitcoin investing. 

If you are a new investor in crypto or bitcoin to be specific, you might be skeptical about it. Apart from the help, if you need a secure place to get some return, you can definitely try bitcoin buyer which millions of people have invested in.

Here is your Mini Guide

We might have an idea that bitcoins are expensive. However, it is not always the case. In fact, an investment of 20$ is also just fine.

The value of bitcoin depends on these things:

Supply and demand

Supply and demand play a great role in the value of bitcoin. As there will be a limited number of bitcoins that is 21 million, the value of it will always be increasing. Additionally, the fact that not everyone cannot mine bitcoin, makes it more precious. If everyone could have mined bitcoin, it would not have the value it does in the present time.


 Media has a hold over cryptocurrencies. Whenever anything happens, it creates an impact on the value of bitcoin. If you are new, we suggest you keep a note of the economic news. Also, start educating yourself about crypto trading as it needs a little bit of knowledge similar to other trading as well.

What is special about bitcoin? 

The speciality of cryptocurrency is its decentralization. It means only the user is involved with cryptocurrencies. no bank or governing body has a hold on the currencies. Therefore, it is more global. In the case of fiat money, one country’s currency is not applicable in another one. However, in the case of crypto, everybody has the same.

Here are step by step guide of buying wallet:

Step 1

First, you need to have a bitcoin wallet. You should complete the registration process first, and then do the security check and finalize the process of Bitcoin trading. It is like a storage option that is digital. It is more like a digital form of a physical wallet. And there are three types of wallets. Those are-


It is the most famous bitcoin wallet among bitcoin users. What makes it more popular among the masses are its easy-going app, and the fact it’s free.


Electrum is also very famous. Additionally, it is more secure as well because it is software-based. It only adds up to its security.

Cold storage

Cold storage is for those users who do not have any faith on wallets. They use the paper wallet that consists of all the data that generates the key to spend bitcoins. Apart from that, another method is keeping all the information in a USB locker and keeping it in a safe deposit.

Step 2

Once you have selected the bitcoin wallet, it is time for you to select the bitcoin exchange where you want to put all your money.

What happens in the exchange is, when you are willing to buy crypto, you pay the exchange from your fiat currency. In return, they share the same value of bitcoin with you. There is an existing market stock from which you can choose. Understanding the demand, supply, and the entire coinbase is very essential in this matter. 

Now that you know all about the bitcoin investment, you can start with your first trading. Just understand the entire thing and start small. Always remember, never invest everything you have. It might become troublesome for you.

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