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7 Highest Paying Management Jobs in 2022

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After years of work, many people aspire to become more than employees. They want to play a larger part in the company structure. Becoming a manager is a step toward reaching this goal. The position offers further financial security and career opportunities. That’s why more job seekers choose professions in the managerial segment of the work market.

Earning a specific management degree takes time, money, and determination. But, those with the right degree have many doors open to them. Businesses of all forms have many management openings. They offer great salaries and career growth opportunities.

Administration Services Manager

These professionals ensure that client business runs as planned. Their responsibilities include scheduling materials and managing tasks. Think of it as managing writers for a top resume writing service or similar platform. Administration services managers are also responsible for other areas of team organization.

Additionally, they update equipment and oversee other business operations. It’s their job to create contracts and ensure they are carried out. Landing this position will have people manage transportation for such things as:

  • Clients
  • Goods
  • Workers

Administration services managers check company needs for new employees. Other obligations include overseeing support services and workspace planning. Integrating security systems and directing other staffers are also parts of their job.

The hefty list of responsibilities comes with big financial gains. Administration services managers can earn up to $45.20 an hour. This results in an annual salary of $94.020. The position is one of the highest-paying in the managerial field.

Advertising Manager

Getting a bachelor’s degree in advertising increases the chance of becoming an advertising manager. But, it can also be used to gain other positions within a company. Advertising managers earn about $62.20 an hour – this transforms into $129,380 per year. The figure depends on the level of expertise and experience.

It’s your job to create interest in the goods and services provided by the company. Advertising managers are often in charge of creating new and managing old campaigns. They have to work with art directors, sales agents, and financial professionals. This ensures that everything is carried out professionally.

Architectural Manager

Landing a job as an architectural manager requires a bachelor’s degree in the discipline. Often applicants need five or more years of experience to get the position. Professionals in this field of work get about $66.21 an hour. This turns into $137,720 of annual earnings. The sum depends on the place of employment and experience.

Almost all architectural managers work inside an office. Their daily tasks include overseeing projects carried out by various teams. They often work at construction sites, laboratories, and industrial plants. It depends on the projects they supervise. Architectural managers can work in architecture, engineering, as well as research and development.

Computer System Manager

Those with technical minds can find themselves working as computer system managers. The job has them working with technology and computers. Their expertise will get them around $115,780 annually, or about $55.67 an hour. The figures depend on the company you work for and your experience. Companies need over five years of IT experience.

They should have the same years of working in the computer management industry. Of course, job seekers must have a bachelor’s degree in one or both of these subjects. Their job is to plan, coordinate and direct various computer-related activities. Professional computer system managers often work in a tech workspace.

Construction Manager

Not everybody wants to sit at a desk from 9 to 5. There are many who love physical labor and working outdoors. They should consider the position of construction managers, also known as the foramen. It’s their job to make sure that construction projects are finished on schedule. They have to take the needs of project owners.

Foremen have to make sure that their subordinates work in a safe environment. It’s also a part of their obligations. Many construction managers take part in the actual construction process. Other responsibilities include:

  • Creating and maintaining work schedules
  • Reading blueprints
  • Ordering materials
  • Planning projects

This is a great position for those without higher education – this is the case in general. But, it does need 5 to 10 years of experience to qualify. Construction jobs pay from $30,000 to $75,000 annually. In general, a construction manager’s salary is around $89,300 per year.

Engineering Manager

This is another great position for those with the right manager and tech skills. Engineering managers have the task of supervising subordinate engineers. Such specialists develop, test, and change solutions for different tech issues. Managers have many responsibilities, including:

  • Onboarding and training employees
  • Working on new product concepts
  • Negotiating research contracts
  • Leading lower-level engineers
  • Coordinating production
  • Overseeing research

A master’s degree in engineering is required to qualify for the position. Those who manage to get it will earn about $119,290 to $147,751 a year. The field has such high salaries due to the responsibilities and demand for professionals.

Financial Managers

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Being wise with money is one of the key aspects of any business. Financial managers are experts on the topic and provide support and advice to their clients. Their expertise allows government and commercial institutions to make the best financial choices. There are several things that fall under their line of work.

Financial managers have to come up with long-term business plans. They need to properly interpret information and keep financial risks to a minimum. Such experts analyze market trends, manage budgets, and provide financial reports. This work ensures that employers have good audits and a steady cash flow.

To get the position, applicants first have to achieve a financial bachelor’s or master’s degree. On average, experts make around $139,780 per year.


There are many job offerings for people with excellent managerial skills. Many of them need time and determination to get. But, people with enough knowledge and skills can earn over $100.00 a year by choosing one of these positions. Remember that with a great salary comes great responsibility.

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