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Top 10 Games To Play On Facebook

The mobile gaming sector is booming as ever as Facebook games shine bright on the live streaming category. The latest trends and stats of Facebook gaming show a lot of promise, as per analyst reports. Facebook has evolved from being only a chatting and posting platform with its game portal.

When you need a break from studies or work, hop onto Facebook and have your way with an array of immersive and enthralling array of gaming entertainment. You can pick those genres that satisfy your taste, including casual games, battles, etc. Apart from that, you can also try out those that are currently trending.

Let’s delve into some of the most popular gaming applications available on this leading social media platform.

Candy Crush Saga

This arcade jewel movement game of turn-based nature is widely popular across all global demographics. The simplistic puzzle game keeps you hooked for hours with hundreds of levels to progress through and vivid visuals.

With over 100 million 4- star reviews for this app, the average gamer cannot ignore the vast presence of Candy Crush. The game comes with both single and multiplayer in-game options.

Pet Rescue Saga

This arcade adventure game requires the player to rescue a pet from the grasp of a kidnapper by moving blocks of the same color. The limited number of moves available to achieve this task adds to the challenging factor of this game.

World Series Of Poker (WSOP)  

With over 3.4 million players registered to the Facebook page of this game, you will find no issues whatsoever to find opponents. Battle it out with the best players across the globe on the table and get a chance to achieve an authentic WSOP bracelet. 

You can start a virtual game for free by sitting at a cash game table and enjoy this card game. If you enjoy playing WSOP and are eager to try out other casino games, like the Blackjack online, Asiabet has got you covered. Experience casino-like ambiance with the best sites listed for playing Blackjack, that too, with real cash. Go head-to-head with the best players!

With expert tutorials, strategies, and exclusive welcome bonuses provided to you, the user experience will be like never before. They also offer a variety of swift cash deposit options for hassle-free gaming. Players can now enjoy a variety of mobile blackjack games with comprehensive security measures in place from the comfort of their homes.

Trivia Crack

Players will be provided questions based on the category they choose from initially. In total, there are six categories, including entertainment, geography, science, sports, etc. Each player gets assigned a character, and they need to spin a wheel. They will then be asked questions based on the category whose name the wheel stopped at.

Dragon City

You get to build a magical world in Dragon City. This game is free of cost, with over 10 million players located worldwide. You can own and nurture over 100s of dragons and achieve the coveted position of the Dragon Master.

The popularity of this game comes from the action element. The owners of dragons can engage with each other in battles and gain experience points.

8 Ball Pool

The world’s most popular online pool game developed by Miniclip is a hot and trending gaming application on Facebook. You can choose to play with millions of other online players at a particular time from across the globe. Alternatively, you can also compete with your close pals in an internal game.

This free game can be played whenever you want to from the Facebook application.

FarmVille 2

Cultivate a living and thriving 3D farm with animals and crops that have bending features when there is a breeze. You can also include friends to help contribute to your farm coming to its full living potential.

This is yet another free game on Facebook with over 10 million active players.

Cookie Jam 

This game is a thrilling mix of fun and challenge. This puzzle adventure game is designed in the setting of a bakery. The mouth-watering pastries and the crunching of cookies before they crumble adds to Cookie Jam’s visual appeal and excitement levels.

Bubble Witch 2 Saga

From the makers of Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga, your aim is to save the central character Stella and her cat from evil spirits that are haunting their land. Burst bubbles, unravel new adventures, and explore new areas for hours of fun.

Criminal Case

This Facebook game is for crime investigation enthusiasts. Uncover hidden pieces of evidence and solve murder mysteries in this thriller genre game. The core of the game is solving crime scene puzzles by finding relevant clues. It is a must-play game for thrill-seekers.

Concluding Remarks

We hope you try out some of these fun-filled games on Facebook and indulge in hours of gaming goodness with your friends, families, and other players around the globe. 

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