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How to Use Social Media for Customer Feedback

Social media has provided an essential platform for engagement. Nowadays, people like sharing their experiences on social media. That includes how they feel about a particular brand. In this era, a business needs to guard its reputation in the best way they can. But why? Because the reputation of an organization affects its performance.

If your business is endowed with positive reviews, everybody wants to be associated with you. However, if on the other hand, your business is receiving only bad reviews, people will not only avoid your business, but they will advise others to stay away too. This article will take you through some valuable strategies of how to get business feedback on social media platforms.

1. Asking your target audience on social media for feedback.

The best way to get feedback from your customers on social media is by asking them of their opinion or how they feel. You achieve this by updating your status regularly. With the updates, you should frame a question on a specific area of interest and throw it to social media. You can be shocked by the kind of response you can get.

The good news is that it happens instantly. No sooner you finish posting than you get feedback from a wide demography. You also need to engage your audience to get the best from them.  However, when you engage your audience, you should avoid being emotional.

The truth is that you should be prepared to get varied response since not all people will like your brand. Respond respectably because your reaction and how you communicate with your clients may injure or build your reputation.

2. Create Surveys

While most people have no problem expressing their opinions on social platforms, there are those who like taking a low profile or being completely anonymous. Creating surveys and feedback forms can ensure you get the critical feedback from your customers and prospects in a private manner. Surveys provide essential feedback since when people are communicating privately, they are not swayed by the opinions of others and so they are likely to give honest feedback on how you feel.

When you create a survey, it should be straightforward so that your target audience does not experience any difficulties in responding to your survey questions. Various wonderful online tools can help you to create an excellent survey hassle free. One such tool is Survey Monkey. They have a free version which you can use to get started immediately.

3. Make use of social media listening tools

Keeping track of what people are saying about your business is not easy. Remember that there are more than 1.7 billion people on social platforms hence you need to utilize social media listening tools. Some of the tools you can use to track the conversation on your brand include:


This is an excellent tool for monitoring where your business is mentioned online. It helps you to discover any discussion going on about your business instantly. To get the best results using the tool requires you to choose what the Mention tool should track whether it’s your business name or a specific keyword phrase.

Sprout social

Sprout social features an excellent dashboard where you can monitor the conversation on your brand; it also provides you with the ability to follow and unfollow people which is great.        


The Hootsuite tool enables you to track specific keywords as well as hashtags, and mentions. The goodness about this tool is that you can respond in real time and also the ability to schedule content.


Running a business requires you to understand how to get customer feedback. The feedback you receive can provide you with a guide on what your customers and prospects need. Fulfilling the needs of your customers is what you need to spur the growth of your business.

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