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The Hidden Costs of Keeping a Junk Car in the Golden State

In today’s volatile economy, many Californians hold onto their used cars longer than usual. Some are holding onto what would be considered junk cars even though they’re probably costing them more money than they realize. If you’re one of the many who believe that holding on to their difficult-to-sell junker saves them money, you may be in for a surprise. Sometimes, a beater car costs you an arm and a leg, and you’re completely clueless.

The Hidden Costs of Keeping a Junk Car in California

Not having a monthly car payment bill can help many Californians keep their heads above water. However, holding onto a junk car could be costing them more than they realize. There are many hidden costs that the owners of better-quality vehicles simply don’t face. If you’re holding onto your junk car until its doors and wheels fall off, you could be spending more cash than you think you are.

To determine if a junk car is worth keeping, owners first need to know what their value is. This can be accomplished by using a free online car value calculator. Once armed with that knowledge, if the price of repairs is equal to 50% or more of the car’s value, the vehicle is a hole in the wallet. Here’s a look at some of the costs that junk car owners have to deal with.

The easiest solution is to eliminate the problem by selling your junk car to a specialized dealer. Despite the mileage, age, or costly repairs, a junk car dealer will tow yours away and leave you with cash in hand. Los Angeles County residents can get cash for junk cars in Long Beach by selling them to a specialized dealer. Despite age, mileage, or much-needed repairs, they’ll come to you, haul it away, and leave you with cash in your pocket. It’s the hassle-free way to junk a junker.

Registration and Smog Check Expenses

California has some of the strictest emissions regulations in the country. While this is great for the environment and helps to limit the state’s impact on air pollution, it can quickly become a costly problem for the owners of junk cars. As a part of the state’s registration renewal process, all vehicles in California must pass this auto emissions test. Pass or fail, vehicle owners are still responsible for payment.

Many cars that hit the category of junk are older ones that tend to have a difficult time passing California’s strict emission regulations. If yours requires a costly repair to pass this necessary exam, you have two choices. Pay for the repairs or stop driving the car. Without the smog check certification, you won’t be able to renew the vehicle’s DMV registration.

The Costs of Repairs

As vehicles age, more components will break down. This is the reality of long term car ownership. Newer vehicles typically won’t require much more than routine oil changes and the replacement of tires and brake pads, but the same cannot be said for older, well-driven ones. Junk cars are usually much more expensive to maintain than those with just a few years under their belts, and they can easily nickel and dime their owners.

Just one expensive mechanical failure can cause havoc to a junk car owner’s finances, but that’s not the only concern. While it’s true that junk cars will all eventually require a costly repair, their owners also need to consider how often they require small, inexpensive fixes. Over time, these small repairs can add up and turn the car into a cash black hole.

The Cost a Junk Car Can Take On Your Mental Health

Not all costs a junk car can impose are financial. Sure, money is probably the biggest indicator of when it’s time to dispose of a junk car, but there are other costs associated with owning one that can take their toll. If you say a prayer or cross your fingers every time you turn the key to start up your car, hoping, wishing, and praying that it starts, this is a stressor that can affect your emotional health.

If your car breaks down frequently and spends more time in a mechanic’s garage than it does, getting you from A to B, one can only imagine the inconvenience this brings, but also the stress it can cause. Worries about the safety and reliability of your car aren’t worth the struggles to keep it.

The Hidden Costs of Keeping a Junk Car in California Explained

There are more than just financial costs of keeping and maintaining a junk car in California. Sure, the costs of passing the state’s demanding emissions regulations, along with the expenses of frequent repairs, can cause damage to junk car owners’ bank accounts. However, the stress of owning them is equally as damning.

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