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Why Do Hong Kong Traders Need Reliable And Secured Internet Connectivity To International Financial Institutions?

Hong Kong, an important financial hub and traders from around the world, have set up offices here. The trading market is a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, and every millisecond counts. Secured and encrypted internet connectivity is extremely crucial to continue the smooth operation amongst thousands of Hong Kong traders. 

This assures the traders to invest more in international financial institutions. It also assures reduced chances for data loss, hacking, strong infrastructure, and better engagement of Hong Kong traders.

When selecting a vendor for IT infrastructure, traders should be more careful. For more detail, please check

1. Colocation hosting – Hong Kong traders who are seeking high levels of security and privacy for investing in international finance institutions require colocation hosting. Entrusted organizations offer financial cloud options that host data center locations across the globe in extremely secure and private cages. 

Connectivity to top cloud service providers is also offered, such as – Azure, GCP, and AWP. Cloud connectivity has extra layers of encryption and security added to their firewalls that help to protect people’s data.

2. Different server for the purpose – With a dedicated server for trading purposes, the security and encryption levels improve. Various organizations offer memberships of different kinds that offer different benefits. 

Emerald membership is offered to the traders at 210 pounds per month. It provides Single Network Card, 128 GB SSD and so much more. Ruby membership is offered to traders at 273 pounds per month. It provides a Single Network Card as well and a 256 GB SSD. Diamond membership is offered to the traders at 420 pounds per month. 

It provides Redundant Network Cards and 512 GB SSD storage. Diamond membership owners need to pay 420 pounds per month. It has a Redundant Network Card and 512 GB SSD. Platinum card members need to pay between 814 and 972 pounds. It provides Dual 10 GB network storage and 512 GB SSD. 

Hermes is one of the best membership options affordable to people within 1600 pounds. Titan memberships are offered within 3245 pounds. It is offered both monthly and annually and has 6× 1TB SSD storage.

3. Currency alteration rate – When traders invest in international financial institutions, currency alteration rate matters to a great extent. Even with the change of one second, investment value might drop or increase which will directly affect the amount invested. 

Traders require a safe, entrusted, and encrypted platform for investment because of smooth functioning. They need to make sure that the invested amount does not decrease significantly.

4. Ensuring extra security – Data loss and hacks can be easily done when the internet connectivity is slow. With a fast internet connection, transactions can be smooth and ensured. 

There is practically no gap that hackers can use to steal data or invested amounts. There is also an extra level of security received on the trader’s end that the investment was successful. Therefore, fast internet connectivity is of utmost importance.

Traders need to be more careful before making random financial investments at international platforms. With the developing financial markets across the world, the scenario is going to take a massive leap in the next few years and overcome the few glitches that cost millions to traders.

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