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Who Became a Successful Entrepreneur without a College Degree

Who Became a Successful Entrepreneur without a College Degree

Who became a successful entrepreneur without a college degree.

Graduation from university or college and getting a degree has been widely viewed as one of the constituents of building a successful career. A couple of years ago, it was hard to imagine a successful and rich person without a degree. Without a doubt, a high education influences your job position as well as the amount of money you earn. However, there is one more path to make your career without a diploma.

We want to show you that writing a PhD thesis and achieving a diploma does not guarantee a good career in the future. If you feel attending a college or university is not your cup of tea, remember that you are the only one who shapes your future, and the choice is always yours. 

Nowadays you can earn your living working in several fields without education and university level. For example, you may take up the position of data specialist, photographer, promoter, manager, technician and many other. However, you should understand, that still you need to have some skills and knowledge about the field you are going to work in.

One of the ways to get a job without a university is to take some specialized courses or training. There are several programs nowadays either at vocational schools or colleges, that give you opportunities to increase insight as well as to put knowledge on use. Thus you will have a certificate that will help when it comes to finding an entry-level job. Remember, that experience is far more important. So, entry-level jobs are perfect for sharpening and improving your skills as well as gaining experience in a certain occupation.

The majority of famous entrepreneurs who have managed to make breakthroughs in several spheres of life and improve our living, turn out to be either without a university degree or have just dropped out. They have proved that a college degree does not guarantee anything. Take a look at those, who have once-for-all-time decided to leave university and make or break their future.

1. Michael Dell

Being a 19-year-old student, Michael starts the development of his computer industry right in a dorm room. Computers have always been his passion, so why not to make it the main source of profit? While studying at college, he develops his interest in technology and math. He comes up with the idea of buying computers and embedding in them additional functions. Soon he realizes that he makes loads of money and that the project is quite profitable. Dell sets himself to learn more about computers and technology and take his business to a higher level.

Michael leaves the University of Texas after he realizes that he would never be a doctor, the one his parents wanted him to be. Instead, he moves to a small office and devotes himself to the field of computers and technology. Nowadays, we may see, that Michael has become one of the richest entrepreneurs, who inspires everyone to realize their ideas. According to him, everything starts from interest, excitements, and idea. We have so many opportunities nowadays that it would be just a sin to lose them.

2. David Geffen

David is famous not only for being a co-founder of DreamWorks but also for being a donator. Although he has been a student three times in his life, Geffen still does not have a college degree. At the beginning of the 60s, he made his first appearance on screen and later worked at the agency known as William Morris in the department that deals with incoming and outgoing mail. To take the position there, he even happened to say that he had a degree. Soon he was advised to set up his project. In 1970 he set up Asylum  Records, which was one of the most popular labels those days. David was forced to pull out of this business because of some health issues. As soon as he made things square, he founded Geffen Records and returned to this industry full of energy and enthusiasm. 

David belongs to the richest people of the U.S. film industry and becomes a perfect example of entrepreneurs whose history of success inspires and encourages to do what you incline.

3. Ellen DeGeneres

We doubt that there is a person who has not watched at least once her show. A TV superstar, an owner of a great number of awards and the most famous comedian in Hollywood, has a quite interesting story of success. Ellen has not always been the one we have got used to. She was a college dropout and tried herself in different fields to earn some money. She was decorating and painting the interior and exterior of houses. The other day she was selling vacuums and working as a waitperson. Later the standups she was doing in clubs changed her situation for the better. Ellen had a couple of tours around the country, which brought her fame and popularity. In a short while, she launched her talk show, which is one of the most entertaining and incredibly popular TV shows. 

4. John D. Rockefeller

Rockefeller is another example of how a person only with a high school education can come into the position of the richest and wealthiest man of that times. As a 16-year-old boy, he got the job of a bookkeeper at a small company. Later such an experience stood him in good stead. Years of partnership, working in several firms and gathering knowledge resulted in the foundation of oil company known as Standard Oil Company.

We will not bother you with the whole list of the successful people as far as it may take you long hours. Let those mentioned above prove that not a high education shapes your future, but your enthusiasm, persistence, and desire. 


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