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What Is White Label Software And How To Make Use Of It

We often hear how difficult it is to start a business from scratch. Well, it depends on what is a starting point for you. Surprisingly, there is no need to hire a huge team of designers, developers, and marketing specialists when you want to establish a digital agency. You can just rent proper tools – discover the opportunities of white label software, to be precise.

The Definition of White Label Software

White label software (WLS) includes websites, programs, online platforms, and other IT solutions created by one company and sold by another one under its brand. The process looks like this:

  1. Company A creates a good non-branded product; 
  2. Company B buys this product, in most cases a monthly or yearly subscription;
  3. Company B puts its label and starts selling services to customers;
  4. Company A supports the product and receives proper compensation.

It appears to the public as if Company B has produced the software, while technically it is an agent who does the promotion.

Is Using WLS Legal? 

Yes, it’s absolutely legal. Although using someone’s product under your name seems more like plagiarism, piracy or fraud, the very idea of WLS is to help businesses to skip the development part and proceed straight to marketing. Of course, companies are not allowed to rebrand any product – only those that come are positioned as white label solutions. 

Another question is why someone is willing to allow other companies to use their developments. The reasons can vary. Some companies don’t have costs or proper expertise to promote the product. Some feel more comfortable with development, while marketing and sales are more like a burden. 

Examples of White Label Software

There is a vast selection of WLS solutions, in particular, for marketing specialists and digital agencies.

Weblium – a white label website builder

It is not a secret that digital agencies often use website builders instead of creating websites from scratch. You can go even further: use Weblium features under your brand, running your own site builder. Partners get up to 50% off regular pricing, 24/7 support by Weblium studio, and all the opportunities of the AI-powered platform: 

  • packages for freelancers, web studios, and big agencies;
  • over 150 ready templates in a constantly growing library;
  • Google cloud hosting; domain names & SSL;
  • intuitive interface and AI design supervisor. 

Creating a product like this will take years while starting your business requires just registration and choosing a proper plan. 

AppInstitute – a white label app builder

Similarly to Weblium, this platform provides tools and blocks for developing mobile applications. Intuitive interface with a step-by-step guide allows creating a unique app in just a few hours. There are solutions for different niches and marketing purposes. Besides, users can start without registration or subscription.  

99 Dollar Social – content reseller

Every niche needs well-written texts – websites, apps, online media, software… The list can go on and on. There are many custom writing services ready to provide content for every business. You can start one with developing a web platform and gathering a qualified team of experts or use a ready solution under your brand name. 

Clicks Geek PPC – marketing campaigns manager

SEO Companies, consultants, web designers, and advertising agencies often use white label solutions for managing marketing campaigns. Instead of recruiting and training new staff, they get a branded website, custom landing pages, certified team, and customized reporting. – White Label Dashboard Solution is a reporting dashboard solution that allows users to easily create reporting dashboards without having to use a single line of code. It offers an intuitive drag & drop editor, allowing you tosbuild your own customizable dashboards in a flash. In addition to this, the dashboard solution also enables your clients to build their own customizable dashboards, all from within a white-label interface, adaptable to your branding & identity.

Green Lotus – white label SEO tools

Using white label SEO tools is another smart decision, especially for growing marketing agencies. Green Lotus, for example, in addition to the list of over 40 tools provides free setup, free support, and free trial.

How To Build A Business With White Label Software

To find out more about all the nuances, check out the article White Label Software: How To Resell. We’ll just share a few insights to kickstart your idea. 

  • Start with choosing a perspective niche or the one you are interested in.
  • Always research the options. Find a partner that provides full support and customization.
  • The prices depend on the niche and company size. If packages are not described on the site, feel free to discuss an individual price. 

Providers like Weblium are trusted and widely recommended. White label software options, however, are not limited to marketing and development solutions. Tour operators, mobile operators, online casinos, hosting services, antivirus software, and many more niches use WLS, so you have a long list of suggestions for the next successful business project.

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