Friday, June 14

What To Look For In A Brand Design Agency

The cliché of finding a needle in a haystack is wholly applicable when it comes to finding a quality brand design agency. 

A failure to outsource was listed as reason number 6 as to how businesses waste time in 2017 by The Telegraph, and the consensus has barely changed since. Moreover, you must outsource to the best service possible. Otherwise, you risk drawing in poorer results than you deserve, and having your time and work wasted through a variety of poor marketing efforts. 

Below you’ll find what you should be looking for in a top-tier brand design agency. 

A Stellar First Impression

If a brand design agency hasn’t grabbed your attention from the word ‘go’, then that alone can be a sign to take your search elsewhere. 

After all, these kinds of companies really need to be the connoisseurs of great marketing practices. If they’re not swaying you straightaway, then who’s to say that your branding will appeal to your customers and clients? Remember, it’s down to the service alone to make a great first impression, so launch your research expecting to have your socks blown off. 

The world of marketing is fast paced and ruthless, and there’s really no room for half measures or tepid results. The best brand design agencies go the extra mile, keen to land a positive, memorable impact from the moment you click on their website. That first explosion of inspiration is imperative, so be sure to listen to your gut feelings when fielding your options.  

A Diverse Portfolio

Nothing is more telling of a business partner than their work history. 

Before making any deals, ask yourself; who have this agency worked with in the past? What types of communications do they orchestrate? How familiar are they with your industry, and the requirements you must adhere do? The answers to these questions will paint a picture of how seamless the parentship might be, and what growing pains you might expect. 

For example, Ice House Design are incredibly prolific in their brand design dealings, providing services for schools, solicitors, and engineers in equal measure. The brands they build are powerful and long lasting, working with clients of every type, size, and industry. In other words, they are equipped to help any firm, including yours! Big names like Tesco and Marks & Spencer fall under their umbrella, alongside receiving ringing endorsements from the National Trust. In the end, this is the kind of seasoned agency you should be looking for. 

Positive Feedback

If the agency has dealt with a myriad of other businesses, then they should have lots of positive feedback to share with you and publish online. 

Any brand design agency that is light on praise is either very green in their operations, or they have something to hide. There really is no other reason not to share the client experience with everyone, so it can be a safer option to utilise a brand design agency that has more of a storied history in pleasing the masses. If their services are good enough for several other businesses, why not yours?

All businesses live or die by their reputation. If reviews aren’t readily available for whatever reason, research further if you think it’s worth your time. Check social media sites to see what customers are saying about them, or liaison with colleagues or other partners to try and gauge their impressions. What you need is a consensus to back your decision, so look for that to cap off your search.   

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