Wednesday, August 10

Positive Ways to get Yourself Noticed at Work

Whether you’re tired of being in the background, fed up with being talked over by your fellow employees or you’re fed up with being overlooked for the promotion you know you deserve, getting yourself noticed at work can often feel like an uphill struggle.

There are numerous factors that could be inadvertently influencing your career, including your hours, your working environment, and the culture of the business you work for. Despite this, there are steps you can take to turn heads in the office (virtual or physical) for all the right reasons. Let’s look at some positive ways you can get yourself noticed at work.

Focus on your eyewear

You know that they say, dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Whether your working environment is WFH casual or you’re heading back to the office in formal attire, there are plenty of ways you can enhance your look and get yourself noticed.

One of the most effective approaches is to update your eyewear. Whether you have an old pair of glasses or you can’t remember the last time you updated your frames, glasses like these wooden reading glasses at are the perfect conversation piece.

The right pair of frames can help you look professional, studious and inject a little of your personality into an otherwise drab, uniformed environment. Studies have shown that individuals who wear glasses in the workplace are more likely to be memorable, and are also considered to be trustworthy and knowledgeable, placing you front and center for that promotion. Start by finding your perfect pair of glasses online now.

Speak up

It’s great that you understand what’s happening in your meetings, and agreeing with what’s been said is always a plus. But it won’t get you noticed. That doesn’t mean being deliberately disruptive, however contributing to conversations and speaking confidently can help others to see the value of your input. If others are in the habit of talking over you, wait until they have finished and continue – don’t allow yourself to be pushed out.

Build relationships

You got the job all those months or years ago, but your networking shouldn’t stop there. In order to get ahead and to get yourself noticed, you need to build meaningful relationships with your co-workers and superiors. So, attend those drinks after work, enjoy the Christmas party, and most importantly, get out of your department and consider offering your skills to assist others within the business.

Focus on the quality of your work

Having the right attitude and appearance will always help you at work, but if the work you’re being paid to do isn’t up to standard, then you’re swimming against the tide. Make sure you’re meeting those deadlines and producing a high quality of work. Meeting and exceeding the expectations of your manager and your colleagues will quickly get you noticed.

And finally, be observant

Is someone struggling with something? Do they need your support with a difficult customer? Maybe your manager is looking for someone to help them handle a new client. The more observant you are at work, the more opportunities to shine you’ll see. Keep your eyes open!

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