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Useful Tips for Designing Alluring Logos

A logo is an incredibly hard-working element of a business’ brand identity. It’s no wonder that creating a logo that perfectly encapsulates the tone, ambition and intentions of your business, can feel like a huge challenge. Expecting so much from something so simple, might seem unrealistic. However, there are strategies you can use to design an eye-catching logo that represents your business faithfully and attracts new customers.

Designing Your Logo

The design process is comprised of several stages, the first of which is, research and ideation. The more time and effort you put into this stage, the better your logo will be at the end of the process.

  • Start by performing some thorough market research, so you know what your audience desires and appreciates in a brand.
  • Also research other brands and logos – in particular, the ones that are used by companies within your industry. Not only is it useful to see what your competition is doing to attract attention, but you can also avoid unintentionally copying their logos by being more aware of them.
  • Think of a collection of words or phrases that your business aspires to be defined by. Use these as starting points to begin picking out rough ideas such as strength, tenderness, or efficiency, for instance.

The next stage involves developing the ideas from your research and playing with different design elements to experiment with possible logo configurations. The more iterations you create at this stage, the more effective and impactful your final logo will be.

  • Learn as much as you can about design elements such as shape, line and typography. This will help you produce a more professional-looking logo.
  • Test your ideas by showing them to people you know and asking which ones their eyes are most drawn to.
  • Refine your sketches using the feedback you’ve gained and continue this process until you are satisfied.

Refining your logo so it is most effective, can take time. It’s important to consider the following:

  • Is your logo flexible? Can it be used in different places such as on products or webpages?
  • Can it be scaled up and down without losing legibility?
  • Does it compatible with what your business offers? At a glance, can you tell what your logo is trying to say?

How to Use Your Logo

Now that you have designed your logo, it’s time to find ways of making it work for you and your business. You want to connect your logo to positive associations with your business, so apply it to every interaction your business might have with investors, employees, existing customers and prospective customers. Finding ways to incorporate it into your social media accounts, is essential, as these platforms have the potential to be the furthest-reaching. Services such as Anthem Branding can provide creative ways of getting your logo and therefore your business, seen by many more people.

Although your logo is only a small part of your overall brand, its strength will have a huge impact upon the success of your business.

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