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The Impact of Power Outages on Businesses

Our lives have become tightly intertwined with the technologies and devices we use. Businesses rely on numerous systems like smart lighting, IT infrastructure, point-of-sale terminals, and automated inventory tracking systems that all use electricity. If the power goes out, these systems stop working, and businesses are impacted in different ways.

Decreased Revenue Due to Missed Transactions

Most businesses now use various technological solutions for customer transactions, customer tracking, inventory control, and data collection during sales. These systems have made businesses more efficient and easier to manage. However, relying on them presents the risk of businesses being unable to sell to customers, collect revenues or collect customer data that is important for marketing. If the power outage lasts more than a few minutes, most customers will leave, and the business loses on those sales and revenue.

Damaged Equipment

Sudden power loss and restoration can damage equipment. The cost can be substantial, especially considering many businesses now run multiple computers, small to medium-sized servers, and other equipment sensitive to power surges. Power surges can also happen as your generator kicks in after an outage. Most generators take a second or two to turn on, and you may not have enough time to unplug or turn off everything before the power comes surging back. Using uninterruptible power supplies for all your equipment is the best way to prevent this type of damage from occurring.

Reduced Employee Productivity

In today’s business environment, it is difficult to imagine how employees would continue working without power. This loss is compounded by the fact that employees remain on the clock when you do not have power, leading to additional loss of revenue.

Increased Operating Expenses

If you live in areas where power outages are common, such as those that experience storms often, you may have taken measures to ensure your business always has power. A common solution is industrial generators, one of the most common power source alternatives.

The main issue with this solution is the increased business expenses associated with owning and operating one. Purchasing one sufficient for your business will be a significant investment and maintaining it will increase your operational expenses due to periodic testing, general maintenance, and fuel.

Switching to a New Power Provider

If your energy provider is unreliable and is causing your business to suffer the effects discussed above, it is a good idea to find a new one. Fortunately, business owners in Texas have over 300 electricity providers to pick from. You can use a comparison tool to find out which of these providers is reliable and which one offers the best rates to reduce your operational expenses. These tools make it easier to find the right energy provider for businesses in Houston, whether you own a small or large business.

Our reliance on electricity means power outages can have devastating effects on not only our daily lives but also our businesses. The effects can manifest in different ways depending on how reliant your business is on electricity and what it uses it for.

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