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The History of Marketing Operations [Infographic]

Advertising as we know it today only emerged in the 19th century. That’s when print ads started appearing in newspapers. Furthermore, marketing developed strongly at the beginning of the 20th century.
During the 19th century, the possibilities for production changed. With industrialization and the development of factories, the production of goods increases. At the same time, Swedes buy more and different goods. Production and consumption patterns are changing.

When the production stage and trade change, a new need arises for a new type of marketing. During the 19th century, the press also changed and more dailies were published.
The economic depression in the world during the 1920s and 1930s changed the role of marketing in trade. An increasingly pressured trade did everything to improve its advertising and marketing to sell more goods. During this period, marketing was professionalized.

During the 1930s, new work roles were developed in marketing. Now work roles arose in product development, market analysis, advertising, and sales.

In summary, printed advertising in the form of advertisements in national newspapers meant that the foundations for marketing were laid. However, the very concept of marketing arose after the trade faced financial difficulties and needed to professionalize its work with marketing.

For this post, we take a look at an infographic that goes through the history of marketing operations and how they have changed and evolved over the years. In recent decades, marketing has become more and more digitalized, but the history of marketing stretches far longer back than tv ads and social media. Let’s have a look!

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The History of Marketing Operations

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