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TbestStaffing – How we work

Many business executives in the US require a seasonal workforce. Here we are talking not only about the working staff but also about qualified employees. TbestStaffing recruiting agency provides a full range of temporary staffing services in the state of Maryland to improve your business.

When to look for temporary staff 

  •         Seasonal work related to tourism, territory cleaning, gift wrapping, ensuring the safety of visitors at exhibitions, and the need to deliver VIPs to the airport.
  •         Signing a fixed-term contract with tight deadlines.
  •         Leave on vacation or sudden illness of a permanent employee.
  •         Too much work at certain times of the year.
  •         The need for urgent staff training.
  •         The need for urgent delivery of goods.
  •         The need for management with the preparation of a report for a tax return.

Benefits of looking for temporary staff

  •         The possibility of hiring employees at a fixed piecework wage.
  •         The conclusion of a short-term contract without the obligation to issue a social package on the part of the employer.
  •         Possibility of permanent employment in the company. Subject to the proper performance of current duties during short-term employment.
  •         The ability to quickly search for employment during vacation, maternity leave, and student holidays.

To order a staffing service in our agency, just contact us by phone number or leave your request in the feedback box.

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