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Straightforward Ways That Business Owners Can Be More Productive

usiness Owners Can Be More Productive

Running a successful small business means making the most of the time you have, and not wasting it on unnecessary tasks or those that someone else could help with. Here are some ways you can ensure you’re more productive.

Know where to find information quickly

A lot of time can be wasted by not knowing where to find the information you need. Using Google to find it can result in getting distracted by other things, but if you know where to find information, this saves time.

For example, UnknownPhone lets you search when you have a missed call from a random number. As a business, it’s likely you get a lot of calls, and you might not have time to answer them all. So, this website saves you from wondering or calling them back, unless it’s something important. Most cold callers and scam numbers are reported there, so this should tell you if your missed call was one of these.

Use apps that aid productivity

Technology can be a distraction, but it can also help your business if you use it the right way. There are lots of free and low-cost apps which could aid productivity in your business. These include Hive for managing team projects, Everhour for tracking the time you or your team spend on projects, and Due for setting reminders of important deadlines.

Some of these apps may help in the same way as a personal assistant would, but for a fraction of the cost. So, if you don’t have the budget to hire full-time staff yet, these can help you be productive and avoid missing anything important to your business.

Don’t multi-task

Multi-tasking may seem like a quick way to get several tasks done at once, but it can lead to problems. If you don’t give each task your undivided attention, you’re more likely to make mistakes. These could lose you money and cause you to spend more time correcting them.

Create a list each day

Creating a list of everything you need to do each day will stop you from forgetting. As a business owner, you’re likely to come across more tasks throughout the day. So, you will add them to your list. As you cross off each item after completing it, you can see how productive you’re being, and you avoid wasting time on things which aren’t on the list.

Remove distractions

Relying on technology for more aspects of running your business has its downside. It’s easier to get distracted by news, social media and anything else on the internet. Try to remove these distractions as much as possible. Use a laptop and phone where you’re not logged into your social media or personal emails. Set aside time each day to check your professional accounts, and set up alerts for anything important. Then you can avoid emails and social media outside of these times while knowing you won’t miss that urgent email you’ve been waiting for.

When you’re running a business, time is money. So make the best use of your business hours and eliminate anything which wastes time and doesn’t help you.

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