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Top 3 Tips Start Photo Booth Business Right Now!

Congratulations! Your new selfie booth has arrived and you’ve now officially started your photo booth business. You’ve done your research and picked the top selfie booth to buy, so now what’s next? How do you find clients to rent your machine for their events? Here are a few tips to promote yourself when you start a photo booth business. 

Tip #1: Google Your Business

Before you do anything make sure your business has been optimized on Google My Business. This is a free and easy way to make sure your customers find you, know your hours of operations, see images, and videos of events.  With more ways to reach you, your business will get tons of organic traffic and rank better on Google. 

Pro tip: Appear everywhere you can from Yelp to Foursquare under multiple relevant categories (ex. Photographers, party supply rentals, wedding supplies) 

Tip #2: Business Cards are Still Relevant

Even in the digital age, it is nice to give over a tangible item to your soon-to-be-clients.  A sharp business card will make you look more professional and leave a memorable impression when you meet new people. When you run into a friend, acquaintance, former coworker, tell them that you start photo booth business and offer them your card.

There are so many free and easy logo makers and business card designs available, so you can design a card that looks good and has all the relevant contact information. Always have some business cards with you. You never know when you’ll need them. A business card should always include.

  • Your business name 
  • Contact Details  
  • Website URL
  • A one-line description of your business 

Tip #3: Always Network

Networking goes a long way. Make friends with party planners, wedding hall rentals, party entertainers, decorators, florists, videographers and other professionals from your area that will definitely help you. Attend local business networking events and jump in on every opportunity to meet business owners and introduce yourself.

Pro tip: Offer a referral bonus to anyone who refers a client to you which turns into a sale. This is an easy incentive for party planners, decorators, caterers to refer their clients to you.

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Bonus Tip: Use Social Media 

Social media is the most natural place to promote your photo booth business. Fresh and fun posts will get you more engagement which means more visibility, traffic, and leads. It’s like a spiral, and once you master it you’ll see your page grow. 

Use a great automation tool like Hootsuite, Buffer or SproutSocial, that lets you schedule posts in advance on multiple social channels. 

Buying a selfie booth is a lucrative business opportunity. Picking the perfect photo booth is the first step, like the ones at buy selfie booth, the only photo booth that can be turned into a mirror booth. Once you have your booth, be sure to market your business across the internet, social media, and in person. Events are also a great place to connect with fellow business owners and take advantage of social media opportunities to show your clients having fun and snapping selfies.

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