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5 Security Features That Your Web Hosting Service Must Provide

As internet hacks are becoming increasingly stronger, website security has taken precedence in the digital world. In order to check your site’s security, you’ll have to examine where it’s parked, in other words, the web host that you’re using.

Online fraudsters work with malicious software that can steal your website’s files, change its infrastructure, and steal sensitive data for unscrupulous use. A good web host can help you fight such threats and keep your network secure.

One of the ways to judge the quality of a web hosting solutions provider is to check what security features it can boast of. Older web hosts tend to work with outdated software and don’t offer great maintenance features.

Following are five major security features that a web hosting provider must have:

1) Server maintenance

In order to ensure that no malicious fraudster is able to penetrate into your files, you must have a strong system to safeguard your servers. You must check if the web host has installed a security protocol in place to check for any network violations that pose a threat to the servers being hacked.

Servers get hacked remotely more often and to keep this at bay you must ensure that the communication between your command line and server is secure.

2) SSL and STFP

These are the two most efficient ways to keep your servers secure. A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is a sort of guarantee that keeps your sensitive data safe. These can be payment details, other financial and personal client data which is protected by an encrypted path between your browser and the server.

A more secure version of the File Transfer Protocol (FTP), SFTP makes it less vulnerable for the transfer of data to be intercepted. You must ensure that your web host has this installed in systems for the protection of your website and its servers.

3) Backups and restoration

Backups are paramount for the successful functioning of a website and therefore business owners go for those web hosts that provide good backup plans.

Keeping a physical backup of important files is necessary for the secure functioning of the site. You evaluate your web host provider for its backup plan and how they ensure close to 100 uptime with quick restoration features.

4) DDoS prevention

DDoS attacks can cripple a network with sever load issues owing to heavy traffic.

This can cause an essential loss of business online time from the webserver compromising the web hosts. A good web host will safeguard its portal by presenting a proper mitigation plan to its clients.

Examine the level of support the web host plans to offer regarding this. While picking your web host based on its security features, you can check out web portals like Hosting Foundry that review the best hosting solutions in your area so that you make the right decision.

5) Firewalls

Firewalls prevent unauthorized access to and from a private server as they monitor network activity. Companies install specific application based firewalls that protect their networks from harmful traffic. It is a given that a proven web host provider will keep their firewalls settings up to date to fight an advanced attack on their software.

Along with firewalls, you must check how strong is the network access program of the web host? Is it prompting their client to change their passwords frequently? Is it notifying that only high-end technicians with legal security clearances get access to the command line of the server?  

Some of the other security features that make the cut are 24/7 customer service plans that allow you to contact the technical team in case of a sudden downtime. Plus, software updates need to be taken into account. The more upgraded the software, the more likely it is equipped to fend off the latest virus attacks.

Security of your online business can be in your own hands if you get a web host with the best of these features. How a web host is handling its cybersecurity concerns should be the first thing you investigate before choosing your selected option.

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