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NANHA Case Study: How to Market an Attorney Business

NANHA Case Study: How to Market an Attorney Business

You studied hard, passed the bar and found an ideal location for your attorney business. Your next focus will be to implement business policy and procedure that attracts quality law cases that grow profit. It is also important to implement marketing strategies that grow your clientele year after year, which this NANHA case study on business marketing will guide you.

Marketing Campaign Strategies

More than 80 percent of consumers visit a website before making contact with a company, and more than six out of 10 will pay close attention to reviews before buying a product or service, which makes website optimization a priority. Here are the critical steps you will need to take to elevate your marketing and attract the clients you need to establish an industry standing.

Define Your Niche Market

Who is your ideal client base? Before designing a website, it will help when you know the clients you are developing it for. Do not stop with primary niches. Create a diverse list of sub-niches as the knowledge will help in content development, advertising or blogging.

Build an Aesthetically Pleasing, SEO-friendly Website

You need a blend of aesthetics and function, so keep your clients in mind when you are building your website. Consumers take less than a half of second to decide on a reason to stay on a website. Pay close attention to color schemes, font and imagery. You also will want to do your homework and find the search engine optimization (SEO) language your clients use to find services. Focus on specialties like business law, family law, or nursing home attorneys.

SEO must be a major part of your attorney marketing strategy so that your page ranks in search engine results pages (SERPs). Why is this important? There are 1.2 trillion daily searches, but most consumers do not go past the first page of organic search results. Half of those searches are made from smartphones. These are the type of things you need to consider when choosing what to add to your landing pages so that they deliver a return on investment (ROI).

NANHA Case Study: How to Market an Attorney Business

Use Definitive CTAs

A call-to-action (CTA) is a vital component of website optimization as it directs your consumers to critical landing pages that boost engagement or sales. You will likely have a website for computer users with a built-in app for mobile users, so the CTAs need to be clear. Popular CTA examples include:

  • Schedule A consultation (computer-based)
  • Click-to-call (mobile-based)
  • Click for information
  • Click for contact forms

Add an About Me and FAQs Page

High-quality about me and frequently asked questions (FAQs) pages are important for an attorney’s website. They must be informative, define your business goals, policies, procedures and skill sets.

Use Google My Business and Law Directories

Google My Business is an integral part of your marketing as local SEO marketing connects your area clients to you via Google Maps and organic consumer searches. Also, legal directory access will boost traffic and promote backlinks that boost SERP.

Once your website is fully functioning and optimizing SEO, you need to use analytics tools to measure ROI. If you do not see sustainable growth, do not be afraid to make a few changes.

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