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Looking for Better Business Opportunities? Try These 5 Methods

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One of the biggest barriers to success is not knowing the underlying reason why a customer is not buying from you in the first place, or why they have not returned to place another order.

Savvy companies tend to look at options such as data warehouse solutions in order to harness valuable data and give them the insights they need to unlock business opportunities and further growth potential.

If you are looking for more dynamic business opportunities here are some sales-oriented methods to consider. These are designed to open up the customer conversation and generate a more positive end result.

The way to develop a two-way conversation

There is a specific conversational structure deployed by sales teams that is designed to open up communication channels so that you can get a two-way conversation with a potential customer.

By using this method you create the opportunity to establish exactly what your customer wants and what they are thinking. This helps you address any problems with a friendly and open dialogue.

The method in question is often known by its acronym of TED. This stands for Tell Me, Explain for Me, and Describe for me.

When you structure your dialogue around these questions it should allow you to reveal more telling insights about each customer.

Your next question should be driven by each answer you get

It often pays to prepare your questions in advance. This allows you to create more of a logical flow and structure to the conversation. It also means you have a greater element of control over the direction that the sales conversation takes.

Your primary aim should be to avoid the conclusion that you are simply working your way through a standard line of predetermined questions. Instead, you should work on creating a natural flow. Even when this means you are using the answer you receive to guide you toward the next question.

Work on creating open-ended questions

Another good tip to work on would be to create a set of questions that are open-ended. When your questions are geared in this way it helps to generate a more revealing response rather than a monosyllabic yes or no.

Think about the sort of questions you can ask in order to get someone to open up and talk more freely about a topic.

A way to highlight why your business is the best option

You also need to find more subtle ways of highlighting the value of dealing with your business compared to a competitor.

You can do this with a line of questioning that leads the prospect to a conclusion that highlights the weaknesses of a competitor and puts your particular strengths in the spotlight.

The classic call to action

The ultimate aim of any sales-oriented call has to be that your  sales prospect feels compelled to take positive action at the end of the conversation.

Your questions should be created in a way that allows them to think positively about what your business has to offer and guides them in a subtle way to take action.

Using these methods can often prove highly effective in generating more business opportunities.

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