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Is The Amazing Selling Machine Course a Scam?

The Amazon FBA has been a growing trend for business entrepreneurs that shifted their marketing endeavors to the online realm. Products and services can now be accessed by millions of interested people worldwide. Marketers looking to start their official selling sites are turning to primers and courses to bridge the gap from novice to entry levels of online marketing.

The Amazing Selling Machine

The Amazing Selling Machine or ASM, is the world’s most famous Amazon FBA training curriculum. It consists of an eight-week training platform, coaching calls, an exclusive mentorship program, a private resource vault that can reach a global community of Amazon-based sellers. It is assembled to teach newbies of the online marketing industry to successfully grow an Amazon business from ground zero or even with no experience.

The Amazon marketplace frontline is growing exponentially. Starters looking for a quick insight or a beginner’s walkthrough can check out the full amazing selling machine 12 review on Invest Burundi, which can provide a glimpse of the amazing features and an overview of what the course can offer. Several courses about all the critical aspects of Amazon FBA can now be acquired through online domains throughout the world wide web.

Beginners with no prior experience can use the Amazing Selling Machine to initiate their online endeavor somehow. The best advice for most of these people looking to gain income is to practically invest their resources towards their businesses while researching products and trends. The Amazing Selling Machine course guarantees the beginning of an originally made e-Commerce store through hard work, determination, and commitment.

The course, now known as the Amazing Selling Machine, was founded by Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark in 2012. They are two of the well-known e-Commerce personalities that have managed to earn themselves seven to eight figures of income. The teaching style they have implemented within the course is well-received by many to be straightforward, simplistic, and comprehensive even to an individual with no experience.

Is the Amazing Selling Machine Course a Scam?

No, it is not a scam since it is the most popularly known course linked to learning all about the aspects of starting an Amazon marketplace based business. It is founded by Jason Katzenback, a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist known to have generated one-hundred twenty million dollars in e-commerce sales. Alongside Katzenback is Matt Clark, a previous energy trading specialist, and analyst that transferred his career as an eCommerce trader.

The Amazing Selling Machine course has been the go-to primer program for most newbies of the online marketplace. It has various tools and features that can act as a walkthrough or step-by-step guide to start an eCommerce store:

  • Product Selection
  • Product Research
  • Supplier Evaluation
  • Ordering Inventory
  • Creation of:
    • Brand
    • Private Label
  • Amazon Listings with High-Conversions
  • Product Launching
  • Product Marketing
  • Traffic driving
  • Scaling to seven-figures

What is to be Expected with ASM?

  • Eight Week Course

The eight-week course contains a one-hundred or more number of lessons officially taught by eCommerce specialists, insider information, and the process of selecting products and working with third-party influencers. The eight-week course keeps itself updated with new trendy information that its creators can only share.

  • ASM Mentorship Program

A program that consists of top-notch Amazon sellers that can share their experience. These highly-successful marketers can guide anyone with establishing an eCommerce store, provide answers and support for encountering issues and difficulties, and proactive advice about product knowledge, product launch, promotions, advertising, marketing, and optimizing an online store.

  • The Private Community

The community is an assembly of all online marketers that have endured the initial hardships of establishing eCommerce businesses. Anyone inside the private community has solved all obstacles that a person might face. It is a great communion of people that motivate and entertain each other through creative and interactive methods.

  • Private Resource Vault

The Private Resource Vault is the domain where all the tools and software used by its developers are stored. The collection can be of significant assistance by anyone new. Hidden in the private resource vault are templates about product evaluation, suppliers, trustworthy contacts, and essential deals with transportation and photography companies. It can get a course student into the minds and methods that the founders have used for their success.


The Amazing Machine Course is not a scam. It is the most famous Amazon marketplace primer course made available to anyone who wants to start their web-based eCommerce stores. It has been founded by two eCommerce experts known as John Katzenback and Matt Clark.

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