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How To Sell Products Through Email Marketing?

How To Sell Products Through Email Marketing?

There are several great ways and answers on How To Sell Products Through Email Marketing?. Among my top favorites is the cart abandonment email.

If you’re in e-commerce, you know that cart abandonment is a big problem. Fortunately, you can use a perfectly timed email to remind the would-be buyer of items left behind in a cart. Statistics show that these types of emails can rescue up to 12% of abandoned products.

How To Sell Products Through Email Marketing

Proven step-to-step strategies that maximize sales with your prospects and customers through email marketing:
  • Incentivize customers via email to review the product they’ve bought
  • Use A/B testing To optimize open and click-through rates
  • Soften those deals that were just abandoned
  • Reward your most loyal customers
  • Reactivate dormant customers with personalized newsletters
  • Skip arbitrary, start being specific with free credits
  • Make your transactional emails count
  • Get better at CRM by encasing personal milestones
  • Take your email marketing beyond the inbox

Give people notice that a product launch, a re-launch, or a promotion is on the horizon.

By creating a little hype around your product and giving people the impression of “missing out” is always a good way to increase sales. Create the feeling that you have a limited quantity of products so that the person has to be quick if they are going to be able to purchase that product.

  • Group Products Together – If your company offers complimentary products and services, consider creating a campaign where customers can buy two products at once for a single price. You should offer a slight discount for the combined product offering and consider. Also considering adding some kind of bonus that’s only available to people who purchase both products in a package.
  • Use Your Auto-Responder Series – Sprinkle information about your company’s products and services in your auto-responder series. Subscribers are usually most engaged with your mailing list directly after they first subscribe, so don’t wait more than a week or two before sending them sales and marketing material.

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