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How To Sell products on Amazon: A detailed Guide

Amazon has announced that cumulative shipments via Indian merchants on the Amazon Global Selling program have surpassed the $2 billion mark. Through its 15 international websites in countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates, Amazon Global Selling currently enables over 60,000 Indian exporters to sell millions of Made-in-India items to clients worldwide. Canada, Mexico, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey, Brazil, Japan, Australia, and Singapore are other countries. In 2019, approximately 800 of the program’s vendors performed e-commerce export transactions worth a total of Rs one crore.

Your internet shop serves as a home base for showcasing your brand, connecting with your audience, and selling your items. However, there are now a plethora of options for reaching and selling to existing and new audiences. A new Amazon connection, in particular, allows you to interact with potential consumers browsing on Amazon’s marketplace. Before starting export items from India, you can establish Amazon listings, link existing Amazon listings, sync inventory, and fulfill orders after having all of your items controlled.

The purpose of this article is to answer these issues and show you how to start and develop a lucrative and long-term Amazon business. While an all-encompassing Amazon guide is virtually difficult to write, after this book, you should better know how to maximize your time and what essential aspects you have control over to develop an Amazon business. This covers both strategic and tactical advice because the why is equally as essential as the how. So let’s get this started!

4 Reasons Why You Should export items from India On Amazon

1. Many shoppers start their search on Amazon.

According to a recent Bloom Reach study, customers are twice more likely to begin their purchase research on Amazon than Google.

Customers will look for your goods on Amazon regardless of whether you sell on its marketplace or not as long as this trend continues. Even if they locate a product, they like directly on a retailer’s website, nearly 9 out of 10 buyers visit Amazon.

2. Amazon Is a Powerful Sales Tool

While conventional wisdom suggests that you should focus entirely on “direct” contact with your client and limit your reliance on merchants for the majority of your earnings, as previously mentioned, Amazon is an excellent sales channel to complement your website.

The fear is that Amazon would eat up all of your sales, but the fact is that you can frequently run a successful branded website alongside Amazon. If done right, Amazon may soon become a valuable addition to your company.

3. Amazon can assist customers in discovering your brand.

Amazon can assist in developing a sales funnel of potential clients who will eventually buy on your website. Many successful companies have started on Amazon and then moved their clients to their site to buy the same or similar products.

4. Amazon is a Free-to-Use Marketplace.

If you don’t develop an Amazon listing for your brand, be aware that a third-party seller may do so.

Should you entrust your brand’s content, price, and customer interactions to an unknown third party? With good cause, I think the majority of you are shaking your heads and saying “no.”

What You’ll Need to Make Money Selling on Amazon

Before you start selling on Amazon, there are a few factors to consider, and I’ll attempt to highlight a few of them below. For example, remember that not all product categories are now suitable for Amazon integration, so examine your catalog to make sure you know which ones are.

Second, all of the numerous words, acronyms, programs, and criteria to sell on Amazon may be overwhelming. I recommend starting small and testing the platform before transferring all of your qualifying items to Amazon since there will undoubtedly be some lessons learned along the road. Finally, it’s important to know what alternatives are accessible for your items and which to pursue.

Make a plan of action.

Move as soon as possible. If you notice a rival is out of supply, this is a perfect moment to cut prices and increase advertising. If you see that your competitors’ reviews are growing quicker than yours, attempt to figure out why. Look for fresh and inventive ideas from larger areas, such as pictures or product content, and apply them before your rivals.

It’s also important to remember that you’re competing against yourself. I’ve heard several companies express concern that Amazon will sabotage their brand and compel them to play the low-price game, decreasing their pricing everywhere.

While every category is different, in most cases, you can build a great brand on Amazon without needing to be the cheapest. If you’re a premium brand, for example, you may not always have to fight on price, but rather on quality, selection, availability, and so on. You’ll note that the Best Sellers aren’t always the cheapest alternatives in many categories. Solid State Drives, for example, are commodity items, and you’d think that buyers would choose the lowest option for starting export items from India.


At first sight, Amazon may appear to be a threat to your company: a worldwide marketplace, a large audience, and a go-to site for consumer searches. When addressed correctly, Amazon, on the other hand, may aid in the growth of your business. In Amazon promotions may help your business stand out from the crowd by putting you in front of a highly qualified audience. Before starting export items from India, listing optimization can help you reach a worldwide audience and open doors to new markets.

According to a 2020 study, India is already the most prominent Asian market for social commerce. By 2025, it is expected to be a $100 billion e-commerce segment. The numbers show the potential of a continuously rising industry paving the way for a more empowered country.

Your online business serves as your home base, while Amazon provides you with the potential to reach many new customers. Strategic preparation, testing, and a little effort will get you a long way toward being a successful Amazon seller.

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