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How to Get Rid of Toxic Employees Faster

All businesses want to have honest hardworking high motivated and friendly employees who are productive and help their business grow. However, in reality, most businesses will have one or more toxic employees.

These employees will spend their time gossiping, telling lies, bullying others, not behaving properly and are without good manners. They may also misbehave with customers and refuse to improve their behavior. Hence businesses would like to find out how to get rid of toxic employees faster, so that the work culture at the office is not spoiled, and the other employees do not pick up these bad habits.

Performance appraisal

Most of the larger companies with more employees have a performance appraisal process, where the manager handling the employee will appraise the performance of the employee and give feedback to the employee.

The performance appraisal can be used by the manager to inform the employee that his behavior is not acceptable, he is causing losses to the company, and it is better that he should start looking for another job. Most employees will usually get the message, that he is unwanted and start looking for another job, which may give him better opportunities.

Increments and promotions

Probably the most effective way to get rid of one or more toxic employees is by not increasing or even reducing the salary of the employee.

Most of the employees expect the same salary increment like their other colleagues of the same qualification, doing the same work. If the person is not getting the salary he deserves, he will realize that the business management is not happy with his work, and try to find other opportunities.

Usually, there are a large number of job opportunities for people who are educated, have managerial experience, so the lack of salary increments will motivate the employee to start hunting for a new job.

Checking employee information and behavior

Often the toxic employees have behaved dishonestly even earlier, so this can be used to ask them to leave. In some cases, the toxic employees have faked their educational qualification or experience to get the job, so checking the application of the employee carefully, verifying the data independently can provide some proof of dishonesty.

In other cases the business may closely monitor the employee behavior at the workplace to find faults, which they can use for dismissing the employee. In some cases, the employee is using office time and resources for doing personal work, which is not acceptable.

Other methods

In some cases, the company may hire the services of a placement agency to find another job for the toxic employee. They may ask the recruiter to find a job which is more suitable for the toxic employee.

The business can also change the rules for its employees to penalize or dismiss employees who are wasting time at the workplace gossiping or doing other non productive activities. Since a dismissal will adversely affect the career of any employee, the employee may be asked to resign immediately to avoid being dismissed and causing further damage to the workplace culture.

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