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How Do I Generate Good Store Name Ideas?

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Often, your business name is the first impression your business will make on customers. As they say, first impressions count and that is especially true in the business world. The right name will become a marketing asset, while a bad name may hold your company down. Thankfully, you can use Namify to generate a list of good store name ideas.

Many entrepreneurs find success by starting a small business. However, many small businesses also fail. The right approach, marketing strategies, and yes, name, can all help you increase your chances of success. Let’s take a look at some important factors when selecting a business name idea.

What Should My Business’s Name Include?

Your name will help potential customers identify your business. It’s wise to include a description of what your business does. For example, if you run a dental clinic, including “dentist,” “orthodontist,” etc. is wise. This way, people will be able to easily figure out what you’re about.

If someone is looking for a dentist, “Smith’s Dentistry” is probably going to be more attractive than “Smith’s Clinic.” With the latter name, the potential patient doesn’t even know what type of clinic you run. The former name tells the potential customer what they need to know.

That said, there may already be a dentist’s office operating nearby under the brand name “Smith’s Dentistry.” If so, you might not be able to use that name. Copyright and trademark laws are very complex. So, when looking for a business name, you should not only consider your business but also your competitors and what their names are.

Even if you can legally use a name, if someone is operating with a similar name nearby, you may want to use a different name. Otherwise, you may struggle to stand out in the market.

How About Geographical Location?

If you only operate in a limited area, say, Brooklyn, NYC, or Lincoln Park, Chicago, you may include “Brooklyn,” “Lincoln Park,” or the city name in your business name. However, if you’re thinking that you might someday expand to include other areas, or you’re operating online, where geographical location isn’t as important, you may want to avoid geographical tags in your name.

Geographical names can be helpful to customers. If someone in Lincoln Park is looking for shoes and they find “Lincoln Park Shoes” via a search engine, he or she will know that the store is nearby. Still, a geographical tag can be limiting and if you later start another shoe store in a different city, you may have to change your name. Services such as Namify can help prevent such issues.

Ask Others What They Think

Once you build a list of good store name ideas, it’s smart to let others provide input. The name you think is a winner might not be popular with other folks. You can ask friends and family to vote on store name ideas, selecting the best names, in their opinion, from your list.

It’s easy to develop blindspots and to fall in love with a name that won’t resonate with your audience. In the long run, getting the name right is important even if a particular name isn’t your favorite. Remember, you’re trying to appeal to your audience, not yourself.

Coming up with a great business name will take time and effort. It’s best to spend that time and effort, however, to make sure that you get the name right. A bad name could saddle your business with undue burdens and make it harder to succeed. Fortunately, you can use services like Namify that will help you generate unique, interesting business name ideas.

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